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The trick is to keep moving

You may want to play on normal if it's your first time through Grimarillion. Without knowing the Grimmest hot-spots, you could find yourself in trouble.
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True -- it may be useful for me to tone it during during Act boss fights. However, where's the charm in that? (i.e., playing the mod only to tone down its difficulty seems ironic).

Part of the issue is that my current build doesn't have a good way to heal itself outside of either a potion or a long cooldown, so I'm looking for alternative ways to ensure I can survive moments when I'm stunned or the like, which I think may be common during such events.

I'm an Earth/Dread Lord mix (I think those are the classes) and have mixed physic and cunning evenly.
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Ok, its time to give some feedback for Kyzoggs/Shamblers fights on Ultimate Grimmest.
1)Kyzoggs fight was a total joke for a damage-setup in my Diviner (aetherfire on Trance of Wrath) - took 9-10 seconds to kill 3 Kyzoggs. With defensive-setup (Wendigo mark on Trance of Wrath) it take 6-7 more seconds to kill them.
2)Shamblers fight was the same as Kyzoggs, but took 2-3 more seconds in damage-setup and 5-6 more seconds in defensive setup.

Why damage setup took less time? Because ToW spawns aetherfire at insane rate, they're overlapping very quickly bosses and heroes. If i use aetherfire on Vision of Death, even being a 38% chance on attack to spawn aetherfire - they dont appear so often as with ToW.

After death Kyzoggs didnt spawn any heroes

My Vitality/Aether Diviner is 79lvl, +8 skills to Spirit, +4 to Dream, all attribute points was spent in Spirit. Aether damage +1040%, Vitality +893%, Vitality Decay +843%. Spirit attribute is 1380 (total damage bonus +620%)

The whole feeling playing a Diviner - "Man, thats not Grim Dawn, thats Path of Exile! You just walk and monsters die in miliseconds, except heroes and bosses"

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