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Old 04-22-2017, 03:51 PM
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Originally Posted by MortalKombat View Post
I actually took Vendigo with my latest experiment. It feels good, actually. Anvil is also nice, but in Crucible, regen from Vendigo is better i think. Need to fix the link soon

Solael's Witchfire is too weak per point.

SoC = ?

Cadence is my main attack. How can you drop it?
soc = sigil of consumption
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Old 04-22-2017, 04:25 PM
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Originally Posted by ASYLUM101 View Post
soc = sigil of consumption
Why would i need that crap on physical build?
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Old Yesterday, 10:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Drizzto View Post
[v1.0.0.8]Video: warborn 100-150 gladiator clear
Run done in 24mins 53sec.
A bit below average timer (24 mins) mainly because of mutator combo:
130-140 -> Toughened / Brutal / Cruel / Afflicted
140-150 -> Toughened / Brutal

With +skills & devotions
Attributes: 83/0/7

Without +skills & devotions

Devotions binding:
Tips the Scales -> Blood of Dreeg
Targo's Hammer -> Menhir's Bulwark
Wayward Soul -> Field of Command
Assassin's Mark -> Blitz
Blind Fury -> Cadence

however a lot of people prefer binding assassin's mark to Cadence & blind fury to blitz, but i feel blind fury is not worth if you cant bind to cadence, personnal choice here, do whatever you prefer. :>

Pic is selfbuff with Deadly Momentum up

Head: Warborn Visor (Sanctified Bone / Mankind's Vigil (Black Legion))
Shoulders: Warborn Pauldrons (Scaled Hide / Mankind's Vigil (Black Legion))
Chest: Warborn Chestguard (Kilrian's Shattered Soul / Mankind's Vigil (Black Legion))
Main hand: Warborn Gavel (Haunted Steel / Essence of Ch'thon (Black Legion))
Offhand: Siegebreaker (Reinforced Shell / Oleron's Fervor (Black Legion))
Hands: Colossal Grasp (Unholy Inscription / Mankind's Vigil (Black Legion))
Waist: Reforged Chains of Oleron (Rigid Shell / Mankind's Vigil (Black Legion))
Legs: Formidable Dreeg-Sect Legguards of Nature's Bounty (Ancient Armor Plate / Mankind's Vigil (Black Legion))
Feet: Golemborn Greaves (Mark of Mogdrogen / Mankind's Vigil (Black Legion))
Amulet: The Peerless Eye of Beronath (Dread Skull / Survivor's Ingenuity (Devil's Crossing))
Rings: Ring of the Black Matriarch (Corpse Dust / Survivor's Ingenuity (Devil's Crossing))
Rings: Incorruptible Gollus' Ring of Readiness (Corpse Dust / Survivor's Ingenuity (Devil's Crossing))
Medal: Badge of Mastery (Arcane Spark)
Relic: Oleron's Wrath

Major change between &
  • You can forget Markovian (tried everything to save this version, unsuccesfully), it cannot longer compete with warborn version anymore.
  • Targo's Hammer nerf, as i expected is one of the biggest hit to this build (heavily impact aoe capacity), i "solved" this issue by maxing Blitz.
  • Falcon swoop is no longer mandatory.
  • Tips the Scales (devo) is hightly recommended now, great HP&energy sustain, which allow you to support the high energy consemption from 21/16 Blitz.
  • Haunted Steel (specifically, Bloodthirster skill) is still mandatory if you wanna keep a high succesrate in Crucible.
  • New version of Colossal Grasp is amazing, prolly BiS this patch for Crucible purpose.
In closing:

A bit sad for the Markovian version (loved it), phys S&B is still okish for Crucible farming, however it start to be *eaten* by some caster/hybrid build.
Hi Drizzto, thanks for all your updates on this awesome build. At what level should I switch to it while leveling? I'm currently level 70 and using a blade arc build.
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Old Today, 06:34 AM
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Originally Posted by nauds View Post
Hi Drizzto, thanks for all your updates on this awesome build. At what level should I switch to it while leveling? I'm currently level 70 and using a blade arc build.
You could have switched a long time ago and leveled with ease You are lvl 70 start playing the build you want lol
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blitz, cadence, facetank, unkillable, witchblade

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