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Default Mods and multiplayer - known issues

Modding scene is relatively small but after 2+years of nonstop development, we already have some decent ones with huge amount of content. These mods now attract more players than ever before and that results in more people trying to play their favorite mod with friends in multiplayer.

I am not sure whether anyone has reported these issues before but I remember experiencing all of these bugs even before I started modding myself, when I was just a regular player (more than 2 years ago).

The fact, that these bugs are happening only in modded games and not in vanilla GD tells me, that it can be fixed, but who knows...

The issues I am talking about are following:

  • Client repeatedly hitting monsters with 1% hp left, unable to kill them because in reality (host side) they have much higher hp (50-100%).
  • Client unable to see host ingame, or seeing him standing in other place than he actually is. I think I even had this bug in vanilla GD MP game, back when I was playing.

Double cast bug
  • This one is a huge game breaker. Certain skills in MP (client side) are being cast multiple times with single use of skill (example: casting a meteor spell will cast 2 meteors instead of just 1, with double mana cost). Happens with more skill templates, not just 1 particular one.

Described bugs happen only on client side and the usual causes are:

- death of client character
- teleporting into other region
- randomly?

No idea why only mods are affected by this and not the main game as both are using the same base GD files and I cannot imagine doing anything mod-wise that could result in these issues.

However, if they are really caused by default (just by playing a mod) then I think it's in Crate's interest to look into it because modding is what is going to keep this game alive for many years after you are done adding content to GD.

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