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Old 02-16-2017, 05:31 PM
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I've recently started levelling a fresh pure arcanist, and while I feel that it is easily the squishiest pure class build there is, I'm loving the AAR boss melting. Mirror + Mana Infusion (from Bone Talisman) and then face melting for those 3 seconds is entertaining af.

Also since I'm going for as much aether damage as possible, I decided to go early on with just one point in Panetti's, and then maxed out Distortion and now slowly investing in Proliferation along with Fabric of Reality. I'm finding this really, really good for bringing trash mobs down fast, and it doesn't need the insane energy pool that AAR needs. It's obviously not as good for bosses, but that's where AAR shines. At level 44 right now and I still have 34 points to distribute.

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