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Default The Paladin (Battlemage) (B25)

Hey everyone! Today I'm doing a build that's based around a theme rather than based around an ability or mastery or even being super efficient. Here's, the Paladin!

Let's start with the question: what represents a Paladin's abilities? To me the list is something like this, shield bashes, smiting, holy strikes, lay on hands, auras, and tankiness. Paladins are holy warriors that use that power to fuel their combat skills but also they heal and protect and buff the party.

First, the Grimcalc: http://grimcalc.com/build/Ack9bg

Let's start with an iconic Paladin ability: Smite Evil (Su). In this build that's covered by two abilities, Trozan's Sky Shard and Sacred Strike. TSS works in the sense of a "smite from the heavens" type of smiting. Sacred Strike, from the Blessed Steel component in the weapon, works in the "focusing holy power into the weapon" type of smiting. For the shield bash, we're using Shield Slam II from the Serrated Shell component in the shield, which is pretty much the main option for a shield bash.

Auras come from two abilities, Field Command/Squad Tactics and Iskandra's Elemental Exchange/Overload. These two abilities serve as solid, generalist buffs that everyone can get something out of, it'll provide offense buffs for both fighters and casters alike. For another group buff that's circumstantial, but also to emulate the lay on hands abilities Paladins often have, we're using the Combat Medic's Mark for its Field Medicine proc.

For the super tanky abilities a Paladin possess in the various representatives of the class have had over the years, we're doing three abilities. The first and most obvious, is the shield-based Overguard ability. For the "bubble" style protection ability we've got Mirror of Ereoctes. And the third, which is another shield-based ability comes from the Fortress relic, Living Fortress. These three abilities will help this character survive even the toughest opponents.

And finally, for abilities that aren't related to the theme but help smooth out how he works. Cadence with Discord and Fighting Form are his main left-click attack. Blitz with Blindside will help him get around, but also kinda represent a Paladin charging into battle. Markovian's Advantage, Zolhan's Technique, and Fighting Spirit are all one-pointers that give a small advantage to melee combat. Six points in Military Conditioning and maxing out Inner Focus will buff up his stats, both defensively and offensively. And lastly, rounding out the one-pointers are the passives: Menhir's Will, Veterancy (okay, I put 2 points in this but it could be 1 point based on gearing), and Decorated Soldier.

Notable Gear
Sacred Hammer of Eternal Wrath or Skyshard Spellblade: These are the weapon options but I think the SACRED hammer fits better thematically and it's a bit stronger given how the build is presently set up. Later though, I may switch to the spellblade.

Combat Medic's Mark: Not only is it a handy little heal, the aforementioned group heal is a theme-y benefit (not to mention, just a nice benefit in general).

Elementium: This shield is a great warrior/mage shield, given that it's almost a caster off-hand in terms of stats, but provides some defenses.

Starfire: This ring gives all sorts of proper elemental bonuses and a +1 to Trozan's Sky Shard, so it's a good thing to grab up.

Paladin's- prefix: This prefix is such an obvious choice given the theme, I'd grab up pieces of it if you'd want to really make the build as Paladin-y as possible.

-of Fallen Skies suffix: This is a lightning-based affix, provides +1 to Trozan's Sky Shard, and has a proc for free single sky shards, which is always nice to have.

For further gearing and components, check out the video below where I go over everything in detail.

Generally, for gearing, I'm going to look for stuff that's very lightning heavy, physical heavy, and defense. These three things are core stat features I want to shoot for. Right now, my present gear for him is a little lacking, as you'll see below, but I'm going to work on him and bit, and possibly provide an update in the future (and probably definitely going to provide one in B26).

Future Ideas
I'm thinking of going deeper into the Arcanist tree, specifically to get Maiven's Sphere of Protection as another bubble and Shattered Star, the lightning based Trozan's modifier. Ascendance, from Reckless Power, is another aura ability that could be an option if A LOT of points are available in the future. Nullification is another ability that could be used for debuffing enemies and cleansing allies. In the Soldier tree, I'd consider leveling up Field Command first to enhance the aura, then possibly try to pick up Scars of Battle, Deadly Momentum, and Menhir's Bulwark. All of this is speculation at this point, but the character has a lot of direction thanks to having a theme.

I uploaded a video of this yesterday. It goes into detail about all of the items and shows the build off. Click here to view it!

Thanks to everyone for viewing this thread! Let me know what you think of this theme-based build.
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It's a nice build, very fun with alot of active skills to play around with.
The problem is that it lacks damage completely. I tried it on my L35 Battlemage
with a run around broken hills and had serious problems taking down elites somewhat fast.

The build stays alive very good, strong survivability, but has this > < much dmg.
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Default Questions...

What devotions have you chosen for this build? What stats did you allocate where? As a new player I am still learning what goes where and most importantly, why.

Also disregard the above questions if I overlooked these in the build guide. Other then that. Great work WolfOC I am really enjoying the paladin so far.
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Um, this build is over a year and a half old, the game has changed a ton since then.
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