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Cool Looking for Arcanist caster build

Hi everyone, started to play Grim Dawn 2 weeks ago. Altho i'm not a beginning RPG player, I'm having some troubles determining which way to go for my lvl45 Arcanist since I don't know what awaits me in the end game.
Also I haven't picked a second class because I haven't been able to find a build that really suits my playstyle.

At the moment I'm running a cold based glass canon caster (the playstyle i prefer) with Olexra's flash freeze, Trozan's Sky Shard, Devastation and Aether Ray as a in between CD spam, as damage skills. Invested heavily into Cold/Elemental gear wise and skill points and way less into Aether since its more of a filler than main dps skill.

I like the playstyle but as far as i can find on forums, there isn't really an endgame build for this combo of skills? Seems to me like the debuff to fire damage from Flash Freeze could make some synergies?

Anyways, i would like to play a difficult build with at least 4-5 (damage) skills which it runs on and it wouldn't have to be too tanky cause i like to play the mechanics of a boss instead of face tanking everything which i seem to see a lot in builds in Grim Dawn. Off course i wouldn't wanna get one hit by a boss on Ultimate either, so i'm aware that i need some kind of survivabillity

Also thoughts on the distribution of attribute points are welcome, some people say casters shouldn't focus on physique but how will gear affect that again. Also not knowing the end state of my char with gear and devotion points makes the distribution of these points quite a pain atm.
As you see I'm in a bit of a pickle here what route to take and would love some indepth insights from you guys

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1. Take demolitionist as your second mastery. It's got the fire skills you want, and is currently the strongest mastery to boot.

2. All points physique. As an arcanist, you can adjust points in Inner Focus as necessary to meet spirit requirements.

3. If you follow 1&2 above, you have multiple powerful endgame builds you can respec into later on. Sorcerers are incredibly versatile.
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All those skills typically aren't used together. You want to focus on 1 main damage type and since you said you didn't want Aether, then your choices are cold or fire. Check the Build Compendium for starting points on builds.

If you choose fire, then as suggested go Demo and focus on OFF and Devastation. Look into a Blackwater Cocktail build perhaps.

If you choose cold, then go Spellbreaker and focus on Sky Shards. Look into a cooldown reduction build with Shadow Strike or you could respec into Phantasmal Blades as your main skill.
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I've had great luck with a sky shard druid using the trozan's set. If you pick up shaman you get the wind devil and storm totems plus two powerful survival options in the health buff and the wendigo totem. Then you just need sky shard to the max and star pact plus a smattering of points in other places for support.

I also say go all physique, you will do a ton of damage regardless of spirit but you will die a lot faster with less physique. The cost/benefit ratio is just better for physique IMO.
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1. http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=50029

The two gear pieces (Decree and Arcane Shard are good but not central so you can make it work.)
Aether Caster

2. http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=50262

Arcanist is a support mastery, Cold Caster for you

3. This one isn't newb friendly as it requires two end-game items but in case you're interested

All my builds can be found on my profile page

Useful mods-

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