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Originally Posted by medea fleecestealer View Post
Ture, my mistake. But then again v1.0.7.0 is already out so the question doesn't make any sense anyway.
He definitely meant 1.1. I do too. So +2.
I don't play Crucible.
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I have recently tested vita spam DEE build to check impact of the following changes:
  • Voice of Dreeg: replaced Elemental Damage Reduction modifier for Ravenous Earth with 70 Poison damage / 1s modifier, increased Acid damage modifier to 50, increased % Weapon damage modifier for Dreeg's Evil Eye to 22%
  • Groble Toxic Effigy: increased % Weapon damage modifier for Dreeg's Evil Eye to 33%

Well, I got expected result - Dreeg's set and Orb of Ch'thon are your best friends. It is the best gear setup for now in terms of maxing out spam vita DEE damage:

Grim tools calc: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrq5p3V

P.S: This setup gives us max DEE damage even under permanent buffs and BoD.


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As a solo player I just want to say thank you for these changes and ones in next patch! You guys rock!
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