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Old 01-13-2016, 02:46 PM
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While I don't agree with everything, I have to say:
This is a pretty good review. Mostly fair and objective. The author did a good job.
Old 01-13-2016, 03:00 PM
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I guess. Overall the review was positive and while some his criticisms were legitimate enough some of them were definitely eye roll worthy and made me think he was purposefully trying to overstate and read more into things than was warranted in some odd bid to come across as an art house snob. Ya know the type.
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Old 01-14-2016, 09:58 AM
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Originally Posted by mamba View Post
I read it as a big praise with mild criticism, the D3 that D2 fans wanted. I know he stops short of saying so right at the beginning, but only because his version of fans are fanatics that memorized D2 loot tables and want the exact same thing all over again, which GD is not to that degree.

and he has a point, even though it may be personal preference. GD settled on darker environments, I still would have preferred a brighter, more colorful style like TQ had. We also had several threads complaining about this for acts 1 and 2 a while ago.

The personality part seems more personal, basically he said it did not embrace one specific theme and stuck to it. We have western elements (not sure I agree, I assume he means the use of guns (obviously) and Cronleys gang as the wild west bandits) and zombies as the most frequent mob (true esp. earlier in game), he would have liked to stick to one more daring theme. I believe act 4 gives him that, it's just that he would have liked for it to not be the last part only. In general most of the criticism to me is aimed at acts 1 and 2, which to me seem to be a large part of what he focuses on, despite playing to the end once. As they are the first impressions, maybe they stuck to him more.

All in all I read it as 85% praise 15% things that could be improved ("If you have an ARPG itch to scratch, I can’t recommend you look anywhere else right now"). Interesting how different our interpretation on the same article is
Disagree about this 'grim theme' - its insulting to state a game is devoid of personality when it really isnt

GD isnt really that dark at all imo.. Path of Exile imo is extremely dark..there is an area in the game literally with hundreds of corpses in a pile all from experiments, the atmosphere is bleak and depressing but thats perfect for a person whos been exiled to a foreign untamed land.

GD is a world recently gone through an apocalypse - the world is still there in tatters yet you have bright swamps/canyon areas/intact keeps. Its probably because the games graphics are so 'small' and 'cute' its hard to take the game more seriously in that area.

Look at D2 vs D3. People complained D3 was too childish so Blizz responded with an area with Unicorns/Bears and Rainbows;you can blow up and die in the worst ways. But D2 is way more 'primal' than D3
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