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Default Can we have achievement for this?

All of my friends who play GD have exactly the same experienced like this on their first play-through, and tbh it is a unique experience and memorable roflol moment.
So, I think if we can get achievement for this event would be cool.
Named it something like "Bomber Man" or "Mine Blow"

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I like this one, but make it ultimate hard core exclusive only! Achievement should be called "The Suicide Bomber"!
"For Erulan!"
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I've never died to these mines. Literally never. In my first and second playthrough I didn't even know this deals damage. I thought it's just to make your screen flash, lol.
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Originally Posted by USER_NAME_01 View Post
I've never died to these mines. Literally never....... I thought it's just to make your screen flash, lol.
Lucky, luck sod. Trying to get through there as a pure necro summoner was "fun" at times
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Achievements should be difficult.

These mines also deal damage to monsters; killing a pack of monsters with the mines would be a nice achievement.
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