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Default Traps in Grim Dawn

Hi all,
yesterday before go to sleep...I was reading some devs post in the forum and I have seen that the demolitionist class uses some traps to attack enemies...
I don' t know how they work in Grim Dawn or if this "idea" was already explained by someone...but I will try...
Simply, I was thinking to the Divine divinity system: in a skill tree there was the ability (Deadly Gift) to use traps (Spider mines, Trail bombs and Death Scorpions): To be able to use any of these traps, you first need to find or buy the corresponding objects in the game. For spider mines, these are little eggs. For trail bombs, it is a small sack containing a highly explosive powder. For death scorpions, you need a small cage containing the scorpion. Once you have acquired any of these objects, selecting the deadly gift skill will pop up a submenu of available traps. Click on any of the icons in the submenu to select a trap as your currently active trap. Now right-click in the world to use your trap. (the italic letters are from gamebanshee)
So I think in GD we could spend skill points to power the traps but take them from a market...
(I read there is a bertha in the game )
This is my opinion: it can be more fun to have a system like this...but, again, I don' t know how in GD works now...
I hope this can be helpful...

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You are not asking for some consumable ingredient/ammunition for these skills, are you? You want the player to find/buy an item to be able to use a skill. Does that item have to be in your inventory (where it is using up space)?

What I would like is a system, in which you need to complete a quest (or the like) for each skill you want to activate. But I don't see that happen in GD.

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I wouldn't like this for the same reason as I don't like item durability/repair. It's just an unnecessary annoyance to allow you to continue playing.

In this particular instance, it would totally ruin an attempted "trapper" build if you're having to stop to buy/find consumables for your traps every 10 minutes.
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ARPG, emphasis on the action part, means removal of clutter like this, sorry.

Didn't you already hate having in inventory full of charms and relics in TQ?
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Yeah, I was never really a fan of ammo either. It just seems like another reason to have to stop and head back to town for the sake of a money sink that stops being effective a few levels in.
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