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Obviously none of them here look it, but you guys have plans to make some legendaries with internal trauma support, right?
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That poison rifle looks dope as fuck !!!!!!!!
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Those new Legendaries are looking fantastic so far.

Need to take a long vacation as soon as the xpac hits.
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Will drop rates be massively increased so that we actually have hope of completing a set without trading or cheating or insane luck with grinding? (The artwork is just stunning, by the way)
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I'm part of the crowd thats excited for the release date misadventure. But I'm still pretty hyped for this.

Question: Will there a cap on the item level of legendaries that drop that depends on your level?

For example, at level 85 ultimate, we currently cannot loot epics and legendaries that are item level <50. Perhaps at the level 100, we will only be able to loot items that are >75.

It would be nice if the low level legendaries stopped dropping after a point. This would make it easier to loot the new epics and legendaries. As awesome as Golemborn Greaves are, I have around a dozen in my stash and even more that I dismantled for their shiny bits.

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Cindercore looks awesome, but TBH, unless Canister Bomb and Grenado start being less.... meh, then I doubt I'll ever use it. If they were good, then I'd love to whip up a Burn Build with it, but they aren't, really, at the moment.
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600 burn dmg and 900 burn dmg? isnt it cant stack?
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Oow these legendary look really nice. And over 200 new ones that is just epic.. i mean legendary.. or ehmm.. mythical.
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I don't know what it is, but Damn I want that double headed axe

Originally Posted by eralduspr View Post
Before December 31.
Glad to see you being careful....no mention of which year
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Some great looking pieces of art there. Really like the look of Cindercore and it's added pin suggesting the connection to explosive devices

Originally Posted by jhonbanting View Post
600 burn dmg and 900 burn dmg? isnt it cant stack?
Damage over time can stack now.
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