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Post Viable Mods 2018?

Hello All!

New here to Grim Dawn. I am enjoying the game a lot. I am wondering if or what Mods are worth using currently (as of Jan 3rd, 2018)? I love the game as is, but I know how talented community mod Devs can be and would like to know what mods to use currently. I do have all the expansions as well.

Any help would be much appreciated,


Chef D
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ATM there are only 3 mastery mods that work with Ashes of Malmouth I think, those would be

Grim Quest
Diablo 3

Also note, there are compilation mods which can combine up to 40 masteries into one collection, but they do not work properly for AOM yet.

If you aren't interested in masteries:

There are no completed map mods yet, but there is WanezMod (aka DGA/Rifts/Mapping Endgame) which... adds an endgame farming method via random rift map areas. This mod also includes a few new masteries of its own I believe, they probably work with AOM.

There is the incomplete map mod of Nydiamar (at least, I think it's incomplete), no idea how it works with AOM.

There's also the Diablo2 map, also incomplete but very promising.

Cornucopia, a rebalancing mod, works with AOM and tries to rebalance the difficulty of GD and overall tries to make it more fun. However the developers of said mod are working on a total overhaul of said mod, so it will probably get a big change in the future.

There's one 'difficulty' mod that I know of, and that is Grimmer/Grimmest, it should work with AOM but, not sure.

A crafting mod that lets you craft components with inscribed granted skills from various uniques. Don't think this was updated for AOM though

A mod that lets retaliation work on ranged enemies

A stash expansion mod, increases how many slots are available in your stash

A tool that lets you recolor the items and stats in the game for better readability (your mileage may vary, I love it, some people don't)

A tool to help with stash management

I'm sure i'm missing some but afaik these should work with AOM and are pretty good mods.
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ASYLUM101 Thank you very much! I will check them out.
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Thread stuck due to Asylum's comprehensive response.

(and yes, Grimmest works with AOM, it is just not in the finished state I wish it were in)
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Please note that "Retaliation on ranged mobs" is very reliant on game version. Using the 1.0.4 version on the current version of Grim Dawn ( will cause an immediate crash for example.

Other mods - such as those that simply go in a mods folder - are generally a lot more stable between versions. So please keep in mind, if your game suddenly crashes today while it was working fine yesterday, it is very likely that a GD update caused "Retaliation on ranged mobs" to become incompatible until it gets updated.
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