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Originally Posted by x1x1x1x2 View Post
He never said he was levelling on the first post and the title said best piercing build. Of course we'll think belgo
Yes he did, and judging from his other posts on the forum I'd say he has played GD for 20 hours.
I don't play crucible either

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Originally Posted by AbbieCat View Post
I've been wanting to try a good Piercing damage build that uses Living Shadows.

There's not a whole lot of choices. I find Range piercing damage very weak (tried Inquisitor DW build).

I am trying Soldier Cadence. Not impressed so far. AoE potential is so low. Range Cadence VS Forcewave is just no comparison right now but my level is low still.

Am I left with only Shadow's dual wield build?
Since you are new and low level. Finished builds will play very differently to how a person will during the levelling process as damage is much higher on finished build and monsters start melting (so AoE is less of a concern) and on other hand levelling build has less damage and needs more consideration on where AoE is going to come from for xp purposes.

This is what respec is good for; whilst you are levelling supplementing cadence with Rune of hagarrad or horn of gandar or storm spread etc.

If it feels bad it’s only because your skills/build choice are not good, but this is a common experience for a new player. Play around with respec and look for AoE skills for levelling too.

That being said as far as I know pierce one handed ranged doesn’t exist on legendaries? 2 handed ranged pierce tactician can work though.

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