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Default [] Acid Blazin - Acid DW Ranged Deceiver (Crucible 9 min)


With BoD, WoR and Deadly Aim on. And I forgot to lower cunning again after changing something.




Welcome to another mid-tier build that's lots of fun to play. Concept as rare and unpopular as they come: acid ranged dual guns. How does it compare to purifiers? It doesn't. But who cares. Acid devotion procs are THE BEST. Love the audio...


Sadly it needs to be green. There are no acid guns in purple or blue that are worthy of your attention (sorry, Crate...). But fret not. Unless you need those Crucible clears to be top the green affixes aren't set in stone.

Core is Radagaddagaggan set as it gives 25% RR to Censure and converts some pierce. Shame it also converts some elemental to vitality but, well, someone in Crate still insists that dual dmg is a thing.

Next come the UVL guns with their elemental to acid conversion and nice 8% total dmg boost to Deadly Aim. The only thing that works for acid gunning. Morgul's Vitality (Mortality? Fatality?) looks fine on paper but we really need that conversion.

Those green affixes in grimtools are ofc impossible to acquire if you're bound by the Oath of Legitimacy. If GDStash scares you and wakes you up at night, look for affixes such as: Corrosive, Poisoned, of Alacrity, Of Corrosion. Especially of Alacrity. Attack speed and acid & poison dmg is priority. But if you happen to drop anything with racial dmg to humans hold on to it. Will it work with magic affixes? Yeah. Will it clear crucible in under 9 minutes? No.

Venomfang gloves are ideal for any acid autoattack occultist as they got everything you need: poison flat, %dmg and duration, loads of oa and some attack speed as well. No-brainer.

For relic I chose Deathstalker because it's not a witch hunter and we're tight on resistance reduction. Dreeg's Affliction would be the second best thing but we're not that desperate for skillpoints (although +2 to Wasting and Vulnerability would be nice). Deathstalker, as I discovered, is also quite good at proccing stuff with its aura. Those Tainted Eruptions go off like the clock.

Belt is debatable but low da made me choose Cord of Deception. If you care not for da then go ahead and take Stolen Dreams. Stolen Dreams, by the by, should support acid, too. Honest, I'm tired of this Crate's policy of discrimination

Jewelry: double Widow's Stings and Lethal Intents. Because flat is king. And attack speed on the rings. The reason why I'm not using Elemental Balance is because global % modifier is low, hardly 2k%, so I'm not sure more flat would make up for it. And Widow's Stings also got a cool proc.

Last and least the pants of Valor. I hate this item. You take it when there's no other choice: pierce and bleed res. Also, da and health when there's too much glass in your cannon.


CoF, Bloody Pox, seal, SoC, shot and watch. Don't forget to listen to those soothing sounds of burning acid. Acid procs are great. They don't make up for the general garbage-tier-ness of acid as a dmg type (except Venomblade, I know) but I once got to 153 before I realized my autoattack wasn't bound. Almost an auramancer.

As for kiting, yes, indeed... Good thing I learned testing this spec (after 500 hours playing only top-tiers) is that you can sidestep around Alex - confuses the shit out of Reaper, Grava and Kuba.

Surprisingly, Alex's meteors don't hurt all that much. But Grava's crawling shitballs do so he should be the first to go. Don't try to facetank Reaper for hours - shoot 3-4 seconds and change position. But the biggest ass is Kuba. Guy seems to be immortal with this toon.

Oh, one more thing. Build is extremely energy hungry. For 3-blessing runs I wholeheartedly recommend switching Tainted Heart to Arcane Spark and hoping you don't run dry on nemesis waves (other waves are np cause there's lots of spells you eat).

Thanks for reading. All comments and criticisms welcome as always.
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Sick build!
I don't play crucible either

YouTube: malawiglenn
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Forgotten Gods are around the corner, man, have some patience
Check out my builds and guides to them (all Crucible Gladiator 150-170 capable) in my profile.
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Originally Posted by mad_lee View Post
Forgotten Gods are around the corner, man, have some patience
Yup. Can't make my mind between dervish and sentinel for my first acid oathkeeper.
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