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Old 09-01-2010, 09:27 AM
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Currently we have Cunning, Physique, and Spirit (I thought prowess might be better than cunning but we can't have two attributes beginning with P can we?!). I deviated from Str, Dex, Int since those names didn't quite match up that well with the new functions of each attribute.

Cunning - OA and bonus to all damages
Physique - DA, Health, and Req for heavy armor
Spirit - Energy, Energy Regen and Req to use certain "top grade" magic items / affixes.

Note that energy and energy regen are more important than they were in TQ since you can't just spam energy pots anymore.
Old 09-01-2010, 09:44 AM
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So as a tank i would still need spirit for "top grade" magic items? Or does this only apply to spellcasters? As in: All classes need all three attributes to some extend? Don't think so, but you typed it like that.

The new names also introduce a few new ideas in my head. What if these attributes also change the appearance of your character:
Cunning: Heroic stance, long character, lengthening of hair, blonde/red hair.
Physique: Buffed stance, short character, more muscle, shortening of hair, black/brown hair.
Spirit: Elevated off the ground stance, long character, lengthening of hair, white/blue hair.

As i read the explanations of the attributes, i also see that all masteries need multiple attributes, so it would be cool if the appearance is a hybrid of these, like these an overlap. For instance: A psy/spi-character would have randomly chosen white/black=grey hair. A cun/spi-character could get long purple hair.

I like character creation like in guild wars, but also like the fixed appearances like in diablo. I hated the visuals of TQ-character, but you never saw them properly, so i didn't care.
This system feels like a really good hybrid. A basic character, but an appearance that builds up and really completes your character.
Carpe Omnia
Old 09-01-2010, 01:35 PM
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Medierra - just curious. If we were to able to mod the stats, could we mod what benefits they provide?

Like, just a ridiculous example, would it be possible for us to be able to change what physique does to include health regeneration, or movement speed, or attack speed? In TQ, the stats were locked and only the formulas of what was originally offered could be modified. You were only able to modifiy how much DA/OA dexterity provided, as well as add intelligence/strength into the formula for OA/DA. But for a mod I'm working on, I wanted to make strength increase base HP regen, but it's just not possible because the formula doesn't allow for it.
Old 09-03-2010, 10:28 PM
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Personally, I think that a base stat-system with three primary but 2-3 secondary skills to each would be awesome.

Say that when you level up, you level up sub-stats, not the actual stats. But spending a number of points in the sub-stats levels up the related stat once a number of points have been invested. This system would make the value of your normal stats a general indicator of your ability, rather than your exact stats (as sub-stats could be customized within those stats and would reflect on your character's abilities, rather than the 3 primary "stats").

So say there's physique. You have 3 sub-stats for physique, one increasing melee damage, one increasing hit points, and one increasing hit point regeneration. Every 3 points added to a sub-stat would increase the primary stat by 1, allowing you to equip better gear (for example). But within that 1 point increase, you could be just a quick healer, a difficult to kill guy, or a very hard-hitter. Or anything in-between.

Obviously, it would have to provide slightly more depth than that, and would take additional work to code and balance. But it would be amazing if you guys did it correctly. It would allow for casters to make themselves tougher without necessarily being much stronger physically, or for rogue-types to increase their melee damage without worrying about hit points or regeneration rates being increased as well (and thus lowering their damage increase, as it would have to balance out somehow).

Just a rant. If you want a good example of where this works, play the kingdom of kaliron. Its a warcraft 3 custom map, still constantly being updated and improved. There are something like 10 sub-stats for the three main abilities. You could do something like that, but do it far better and make it a much deeper and more rewarding system.
Old 09-04-2010, 12:27 AM
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I have to say that I like that idea. Allows you to master a stat without the bonuses being utterly useless for your character. Could be too complicated, annoying to program and impossible to balance though..
Old 09-04-2010, 12:59 AM
Echonian Echonian is offline
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Yeah. But I did give an example of where it has worked in an rpg...granted, that's just a custom map for warcraft 3, but still valid in my opinion.

Its all about choice, in my opinion. With such a wealth of randomly generated equipment, it only makes sense to allow you to customize other aspects of your character as well...especially ones that directly influence your ability to battle.

Another idea would be to include a "ratio" system for stats, at the very minimum telling you how many points you've put into each sub-stat or stat out of the total amount of points you've been given so far (perhaps in percentage). This would really help people in long-term planning for their character, rather than trial-and-error to be able to wear the right gear or yadda yadda. Sure, there would still be a degree of guesswork involved, but you wouldn't as as surprised when you couldn't wear some heavy armor chest-piece when you knew from the start you weren't putting that many points into strength (and in exact percentages or numbers of points or both, too).

All of this is complex, I'll agree. But I really think systems like these are feasible, and would really add to the depth of the gameplay as a whole.

Hell, you could even have a "path" system for stat gain, and have multiple stat classes alongside skill classes (always with an option to customize them with each level up if you wanted, of course). This would make the game more accessible for new players, as they wouldn't have to manage their stats other than choosing the general direction they want their stats to go.

Maybe I'm just ranting, but hey, I have high hopes for this game. Anything that can improve the gameplay experience without sacrificing other elements of it is good in my book. Anything that allows for more choice and depth in gameplay is good in my book.
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