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Question Purifier Build - Halp a newb out ?

Hello all!
First of all, this is my first build attempt since I made a fire strike character aaaaaages ago. I wanna make a sort of fire caster / trapper (sort of like assassin from D2, except no ranged sentries), and decided to go Purifier.

The devotion tree hurts my brain but I think I've gotten sort of a hang of it...
Anyhizzle, I put some stuff together on grimtools and was hoping for some feedback from all you smartiepants experienced people <3

I have no idea about items either ._.
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First feedbacks i can give you on your purifier :

You invested too much points and devotion into offense !
Even without your gear, we can tell you character will have a hard time surviving.

"A dead man deals no damage"

Tips :
-Invest devotion points into constellation like giant's blood, with + health and +% health
-Invest points into flashbang and the upgrade. It is mandatory on all demolitionist. + de the DA reduction is huge for the crit chance
-Try to max "Word of reneweal" (inquisitor) skill tree, to give you more resistance
-16 points in the mines might seem to much. The spell is not very efficent and the position of the mines is random. Give it 2/3 points to get RR for lightning and fire
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Not even sure how I missed the Word of Renewal skill ._.
Might have been too obsessed with damage >.>

Thx for the quick feedback, only lvl 40 atm so plenty of time to save it without resetting devotion tree and stuffs :3
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Not sure what gear you have, but assuming a caster off hand? If so, try to get Oklaine's Lantern as it will add a lot of damage.

If I remember correctly, vipers element resistance reduction is applied through weapon damage (and thus scaled by %WD as well, but only up to 100%). Your only skill with weapon damage is Flames of Ignaffar at 25%. This will reduce the 20% from viper to 5%. Not really worth it. Better to try get Rhowan's crown, at least the 1st three points to get elemental seal. Bygniel's Bond is much better for pet builds. Would be more beneficial to get the defensive constellations previously mentioned like giant's blood and such.

I'd also pick put deadly aim. I'm assuming that is any crit, not just weapon skills so that seems like a must have in and inquisitor build...

You get -30 resist from the 1st 8 points in thermite mines, but only an additional -10 for the next 8 points. I wouldn't go any further than 8 points there.
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Yea I'm running caster offhand, and really just playing around atm trying to decide on gearing and how to play it.
Seem's quite fun and promising for a pure fire build atm (:

Thanks for all the info though !
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