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Originally Posted by CDQUINT View Post
every day is more like d3. I hope they realize and stop going down that road.
This game is pretty much as far away from D3 as you can get. Just because they gave rare crafting materials a use beyond just making components and specific items doesn't mean the game is becoming like D3. How is RNGing a random lengendary for a turn in of materials any different than RNGing a legendary from a boss? You can pick the type you want from a very broad category, big deal. Trying to find gear for the character you are playing is a total crapshoot right now, some of us appreciate the added variety to get legendaries.

If you don't like it don't use it.
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For the amount of time it takes to get 8 rare materials, then I am taking a chance of 1 legendary... I will take my chances at buying one every now and then.
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I see, it sounds like it's a lot of work to craft them, which is good. I didn't like it in D3 when you get to max level in a few hours and then your geared in a few more and then all your doing is just looking for gear to improve your build by 0.01%.
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