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Originally Posted by medea fleecestealer View Post
If anyone's looking for a TQVault that works with Ragnarok and also other mods try this:


I'd installed the one from the German fan forum, but it wouldn't see my Legion of Champion toons, even when it was configured for that mod. This one does both, plus it's also larger.
How do you find Ragnarok compared to the old TQ?
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It's not bad, needs some more polish and finishing. Some quests were bugged, I think some have been fixed but not sure all of them yet. The end felt a bit of a let down as it ends with a long speech at a supposed celebration of defeating your foes. Maybe it's just me as I haven't listened to the end game speeches for TQ or IT for a very long time.

Rune mastery seems interesting, but I've only got a point in some of the skills at the moment.

Some of the foes need beefing up a bit. You get bears in the northern areas, yet they can be taken down with one hit a lot of the time. And some of the voice acting is irritating due to constant repetition.

I've only been through it once (Normal) with an overlevelled toon (Epic Elysium) so can't comment on how difficult it would be with a properly levelled toon.

Throwing weapons are fun, but the range is shorter than when using bow or staff so unfortunately you have to get in range of foes to be able to hit them. An interesting thing I saw posted over on the new Titanquestfans.net website is that Rune allows you to dual wield and this also applies to throwing weapons so you can dual wield two of them for more spamming. Don't know whether Warfare's dual wield allows the same, but I would think so since throwing weapons aren't restricted to a particular mastery.
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As opposed to Zeus' long speech? At least this time there's something between the final boss fight and the next difficulty other than just a conviently placed portal.

I haven't seen any reports of quest bugs anymore for some time, so I'd say those are fixed...
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Yeah, but with TQDefiler I could turn off Zeus. GDDefiler hasn't got that mod going yet.
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Is Defiler even going to be updated? I know SS said it takes a lot of work to get all the mods updated to the most current version.
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