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I remember when everyone was saying PoE was the spiritual successor to D2.

Seems Diablo has forever poisoned the bloodline.

I could never get into Grim Dawns OST. Always seemed kind of flat and uninteresting to me. It is probably the least distinguishing feature about the game. They would have done a lot better with an atmospheric black metal inspired soundtrack. There needs to be some powerful and epic pieces in the OST, something that really draws you into magnitude of the this cataclysmic struggle.
Please consider though... this is my subjective opinion, if the sound track does it for you i am very happy for you and you get the bonus of a game that may have realized your exceptions on every level: awesome!

To me it just seems Crate missed the mark on making an emotional connection with the player through their auditory input. This is the purpose of the games sound track. If you miss that emotional connection which music can produce more effectively than anything else, then your soundtrack isn't providing a full return for the time and money you invested in it.
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The game is good, but the droprate is really, really low. I've played over 500 hours and I have yet to complete a single 5-piece legendary set. I'm REALLY glad that the drops are completely random (unlike Diablo III's smart loot), but the rates are just so low. If you like ARPG's and don't mind grinding for hundreds of hours for the best equipment, then it's right up your alley.
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I didnt played this game. But after seeing reviews I want to download the game
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You can always use twitch to see someone playing the game live. There's a link on top of the forum page in at the right side.
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