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Default [IMO] Thoughts provoked by youtuber

This is a series of youtube links that I stumbled upon, watch them in order when you have time. They are very well done, discuss very important issues and do have a specific point in relation to Grim Dawn. If anyone can guess that point (SPECIFICALLY RELATED TO GRIM DAWN), go ahead and post in the thread.

BUT DO NOT post in the thread to violate forum rules, the videos are being shared for a specific Grim Dawn related purpose. I admit, video 2 and 3 could lead to wild discussions that go way off topic, I put link 4 there too so that you come back to a sane mindset and reflect on the point in video number 1 that relates to Grim Dawn and mods in particular.

Anyway, in a very specific order, we have Artificial Intelligence, followed by the Apocalypse, then a rant on Money, before concluding with Rick and Morty.
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