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Originally Posted by Ski View Post
I stopped playing GD a while ago (not long after AoM) because everything ends up fighting in melee range.

Other arpgs have ways to keep enemies at distance, such as summons, mobility or just raw power in glass cannon builds but in GD the devs don't put in the effort to tune the game to make that possible.

I've had this discussion a couple of times here and I get an fairly dismissive response telling me how I just don't understand game design. Sorry, but I do know enough to know what I like and I certainly know it's possible because other games have done it very successfully.

The idea that you're always toe-to-toe with the enemy, either hitting them with a stick or a spell just doesn't create enough variation in the game.

And for people who like the skill of ranged/caster play GD doesn't really cut the mustard.

I hope someone will respond and say 'Ah but they changed that in patch x.y.z' but I'm not holding out much hope. I expect another lecture on game design (with which I will disagree and move on quietly).
You just don't understand game design.
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Default X Box vs PC version of Grim Dawn

First of all:
For me, Grim Dawn is the best PC game since Guild Wars 1. Thanks to the developers for this great game. I wonder if I should also buy the X_Box version.

As far as I know, the x box version will be a complete edition with all addons. should there be changes or extensions in the pc version in the future (for example, additional areas such as Ancent Grove or extensions in the Shadered Realms), will this also be adjusted in the X Box version?

thx for answers
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