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Default Dynamite

We can craft dynamite now - blacksmith located in Homestead
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Originally Posted by kajacek View Post
We can craft dynamite now - blacksmith located in Homestead
This is already in the opening post. Thanks though.
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Super useful, thanks for sharing
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Can help me in component: GAZERMAN or exist only armor gazerman?
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Old 01-09-2019, 01:48 PM
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Only the armour, there's no such component.
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Old 01-22-2019, 07:12 PM
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Elite for Ease When you are level 100 and geared for ultimate. Takes about 20 minutes for me with my current gear. Could be faster if I ignore most things and only go for the bosses that drop Krieg set pieces.

Pardon the misspellings, doing this from memory.

Picked up the route from watching Malagant video.

Malmouth Outskirts Rift
Head south and kill the giant aether thing (doesn't move...chance of aether crystal, aether shard, aether cluster)
West to Burning Cellar entrance
Kill Terronox (MI, % chance Krieg set piece drop, legendaries, dynamite IIRC). Generally he is in one of three places with one having a
1 guaranteed dynamite (though I've gotten 3 or so on occasion).

Portal out to Crown Hill
Building NorthWest of portal will have a dynamite chest (1 per playthrough?) though I think I got it the first 2 or 3 times I went in there

Go South of portal
Go in the nearest building on left side
Up the stairs, around the wall down the stairs and go north
Aleksandr will occasionally spawn to the left of the door
Go toward the devotion shrine
kill everything
Go in building North East of Shrine
Kill Valexteria (MI, % chance Krieg piece drop, likely legendary or mythical drop, aetherial mutagen, atherial missive drop). If this is a borderline fight for you, draw her out of the building so she is less likely to be healed by the mobs that come to reinforce her if you pop a big AoE spell that grabs their attention.

Cross the way to the Fleshworks
Alkensandr will sometimes spawn to the right a few passages in
Kill your double (loot her chest if there is one)
Path toward Krieg
Aleksandr will sometimes spawn on the way to Krieg
Kill Krieg (% chance Krieg setpiece drop, other odd mythical drop)
Loot his chest (sometimes there are two and sometimes none or just bodies)

if you want to kill Theodin again you have to kill two gatekeepers that are found in randoms places around the map

I tend to avoid him as he still gives me a little trouble if I don't pop an Aetherward oil for the extra damage to aetherials.

-Legendaries and Mythicals (estimate at least one per run, though duplicates are definitely a thing)
-Lots of high level green gear (level 80ish-95)
-lots of components
-Several MIs
-Krieg's Set components
-Aetherial Missives
-Aetherial Mutagens
-Occasional blueprints (higher chance if you get Aleksandr on our run through)
-Tainted Brain Matter
-Blood of Chton (likely from Aleksandr)

I've done the run about 20? times and I'm still looking for the Krieg set helmet (have every other set piece in duplicate or triplicate).

I would assume the rewards are even greater on Ultimate, but it can also be more tedious because higher hitpoints and result in a higher chance of dying if you aren't quite there power level wise.

Oh and check the Steelcap district merchant for relic blueprints when you go to sell everything.

Minor note you can't spawn in the Steelcap District so if you want to do this route several times end your game in the Resistance Hideout or the Coven so you have less far to scroll on the portal map to click on the Malmouth Outskirts portal.

Example Haul (About as good as you are going to get)

This turned out to be a really good haul in one run. Not typical. I'd say 2-3 Mythical items is typical.

Items in Hyram's window are various greens that I decided to sell.

Aleksander dropped the Epic War's Rebuke of all things and some greens.

Main inventory window.

Terrnox's Tome
Aleksander's Chauses
Valaxteria's Robes

War's Rebuke

Skyshard Spellblade
Chains of the Hungering Void
Blacksteel Gauntlets
Virulent Maw
Sacred Texts of Menhir

Krieg's Mask

Luminari Hat

Tainted Brain Matter
Various Components

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