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Originally Posted by sid_melons View Post
The patch appears to have moved the spawn points for the treasure troves in Mountain Deeps.

The troves still appear however not in any of the locations they spawned in
Originally Posted by Luciole View Post
This. I was following the guide while farming mountain deeps and I didn't get why I couldn't find any trove on the spots from the guide.
They did not move the spawn points. They just add new spawn points. Here:

Also here:

Edit: They do still appear in all 3 old spawn points.

Edit: And yes, it's version is
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This guide is incomplete rifts have 1 in them one random location inside rift area blood grove directly in front of shrine has 1 rift, before final boss door after you kill boss a rift will spawn and before final dungeon door will tell rift locations if I find more
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Default 2 troves in one area?

I just got 2 troves nearby each other in Hallowed Hills, is it normal?
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Originally Posted by Snazzblaster View Post
is there a 4th spawn point for the tyrant's hold trove? I checked all 3 and it hadn't spawned
4th spawn point in Tyrant's Hold for reference
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We need an updated list for the troves. Looks like the one in Blood Groves hidden area no longer spawns 100%.
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Check last post by me.

All the locations I found that weren't listed on the first page before I start Treasure Trove farming in the new content.
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Is this outdated? I Tired the mountain deeps route and it was in one of the 3 locations 1/5 times. The other 4 times, no chest
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