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darrrg, and i just had finished my daily fapping ...

O-k, once again. You do it for your favoritest game...

...i hope you will appreciate that

opens girdle
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Last mastery? A spirit guide, like Sahdina. Pure hypothesis.
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Thanks for update. It looks very interesting ! Looking forward for the expansion ! Thanks again.
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I'm kind of hoping for a Paladin. But then the Soldier seems to have those bases covered combat-wise as the defensive, shield-using tank. Still, the Paladins of Kymon's Chosen seem to be something a little different from normal Soldiers. Though the Inquisitor seems to be filling the "holy man" role lore-wise with all his relics and artifacts.

A Necromancer seems to be what people are clamoring for. But I'm not sure how distinct they are as a class. Master Varuuk himself says that the ranks of the Order of Death's Vigil are made up of Arcanists and Occultists.

It seems like it would have to be one of these two though, either Paladin or Necromancer. The only other classes I can think of in the game are Keepers and Inventors, and neither of those goes into combat. I could see going full-on steampunk and create a tech-using character, might be interesting.
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Maybe some sort of priest, but not one thats all into healing.
Perhaps something between a Necromancer and a Priest.

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As much as i want a Necromancer i would also like a combat medic
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Originally Posted by Zantai View Post
Inquisitors are also masters of ranged combat, preferring to take their enemies on at a distance rather than risking themselves to corruption or injury from supernatural forces.

Ranged Expertise
”Though armed with an array of powerful artifacts and relics, all Inquisitors must be prepared to face an opponent while relying solely on their wits and their firearm. Expertly wielding ranged weapons allows trained Inquisitors to take out their prey from a safe distance.”
Huzzah!! Ranged focussed class

Thank you, Crate!
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It looks very cool!. Thanks Crate xD.
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the other mastery will be.... "cook" :P
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Originally Posted by Zantai View Post
Storm Box of Elgoloth
”Open the runed Storm Box of Elgoloth, surrounding the target foe with a psychic energy that electrifies the very air around them, shocking the target and all unfortunate enough to stand too close.”

What’s better than to see your foes vanquished?
to crush 'em, see them driven before you and hear the lamentations of their w... oh...
Originally Posted by Zantai View Post
Making your foes vanquish each other. By surrounding an enemy with this lightning field, you effectively turn them into a conduit to wither away all of their nearby allies as well.

With enough training, an inquisitor can also tether herself to the foe, causing lightning to ripple through the air between herself and the foe for so long as they stand within range. Anyone foolish enough to cross the lightning will suffer greatly.

interesting new spell templates you've got there.

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