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Default Grim Misadventure #105: Extra Large Evils

Grim Misadventures continues! Last time, we left you with what is the first of many armor appearances coming with Grim Dawn’s expansion. As always, far more loot awaits you in the future. But that loot is rarely left unguarded. Today we’re going to delve again into the expanding monster menagerie.

Grim Dawn’s expansion picks up right where the base game leaves off. You’ve vanquished a Chthonian terror threatening to destroy all life upon Cairn, and a dear ally has been consumed by a rift and vanished from sight. Worse still, while the Cult of Ch’thon is crippled in their efforts, the Aetherial threat remains as strong as ever. This two-pronged war is stretching humanity’s resources thin, but you must endure if there is any hope for Cairn.

Previously, we spoke of some of the dangers in store for you in the dank waters north of Burrwitch known as Ugdenbog, but there’s more, there’s always more.

Ugdenbog Golems
With the veil between realities weakened by the intrusions of Aetherial and Chthonian invaders, many new threats have breached the barrier between realities and crossed into Cairn over the years. You very likely already had close encounters with Rift Scourge and Rifthounds, or perhaps entered the sticky innards of a Dermapteran hive teeming with insectoids.

Those are all creatures from the Eldritch realm, living beings that do not belong and yet have thrived upon Cairn. But raw arcane energies pouring through the veil had given form to entirely new creations.

The Ugdenbog Golems are the bog itself come to life. They embody the moss, the stones and the roots of the very land they inhabit, driven by magical energies that fuel their unnatural existence. In a way, they have become the guardians of Ugdenbog, and they will stand against anything that threatens its natural balance. They are powerful and resilient foes that can easily crush unwary travelers beneath their trees for fists.

Aetherial Sentinels
Meanwhile, in another part of the world, the Aetherials are preparing for the next stages of their grand plans. Though it is apparent that they consider humanity as little more than a resource to be harvested, the Aetherial masterminds are not taking any chances. They’ve begun fortifying their conquests against foreseeable threats, whether they be mortal or Chthonic in nature.

Enter the Aetherial Sentinel, a conglomeration of flesh and bone molded into a terrifying display. These living obelisks are anchored deep into the earth and tower over the ruins of human settlements. With their dozen eyes, they seek out threats, and their gaping maws screech should an intruder be detected, attracting the attention of all nearby Aetherial servants.

But do not underestimate the sentinels should you happen to discover one standing on its own. The Aether Crystal embedded atop it serves as not just a powerful weapon, but also a beacon for reinforcements to rift to. What new horrors it calls forth to hinder your journey? That remains to be seen…

Now, we’ve been hearing a lot of talk about cons and bad weather and necromancer this and devil that, and you’ve probably been wondering what might be coming out of the crate for Grim Dawn’s expansion. While we’re not quite ready to unveil what’s in store, I’ll leave you with a little wisdom from Yoda: “Always two there are, no more, no less.”

Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Check back on 11/21/2016 for our regular development updates as we return to our classic bi-weekly schedule.
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