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Originally Posted by Safarel View Post
2) Bysmiel's bound (BB in short)

Don't get me wrong, stars in BB are nice and good suited for any pet buld, but prock is awful. Heck, even a shepherd's crook prock look much useful then this small grean hound from BB.

Posible improvements

Change prock to "loosen the collar" ("unleashing the dormant fury of your pets", X triggering chance then hit in melee, X % taunt target, + % to all damage to pets).
BB gains a 48% proc bonus (for a total of 68%) if you apply it to an offensive ability that have a CD like Decapitate or Slam, so I've been summoning the little guy a lot with my hybrid pet/melee build.

Only issue that I have with it is that this proc bonus (or a bigger one) doesn't apply to other proc skills like Markovian's Advantage or Feral Hunger, which really doubles the frustration.
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