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Default B27 Electric Chaos (Hardcore Warlock)

Anyways this is the last of my Trilogy of Lightning Nova Builds. This one being a warlock. Using SWF/Second Rite to add chaos damage to my Lightning Nova and using Doom Bolt as a nuke. Chaos Strike Obviously being used to move around and deal solid damage. Blood of Dreeg for a little bit of a heal. I'm using 1 of the Skyfallen wands and 1 of the Stormheart wands from the other 2 builds.
Grim Calc

Still using Avarice of Androneus for the +1 All, and added in the Lvl 50 Spiritweaver Circlet for the +1 Warlock. Went with Chains of Anguish for the 53% Total Damage and 4% Total Speed.

Statwise I'm at 194% Cast Speed, 403% Lightning, 231 Vitality, 344 Chaos & another 296.7 Magic Damage from Spirit. 27/23 Physique/Spirit. Little over 58% Energy Regen

East Marsh
Not sure why but damn was I getting horrible frames per second in East Marsh.
Started playing the game again as I am burnt out of PoE. Will be upping new builds on my Profile.

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