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Default Item Trading Thread (#2)

New thread to provide home to posts for trading/duping.
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Default posted this from the earlier Trading thread! ;)

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These are just items that I've found recently and ones I think would be of current interest to some.

The whole marauder set
Blueprint:Maiven's lens
Black grimoire of og'napesh
Doomsaw of gluttony

I'm looking for terror, the blueprint or the relic itself
Tank gear with +def and +physical damage
Any gear that facilitates a a solael's witchfire build pyromancer
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Post goodies

for those who wants i have this =)
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I am looking for the following uniques: Faceguard of Redemption, Jewel of the Royal Crown (ring), Immaterial Edge (axe) and Farmstead Liberator (2H melee).
I am also looking for the Arcane Spark blueprint, but also any others I do not have.

Below is a list of what I have, please PM me if you have a blueprint or unique I am missing.

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*Just copied this from the other trading thread*

I have some blueprints up for trade - once I trade them I'll also get rid of the blueprint so get them while you can. I'll also be updating this list as most likely I will only be posting any blueprints that I come across which I don't need.

Guardsmen's Breastplate x3
The Eye
Bloodfang Oil x2
Rampage x2
Adepts Hood
Mistborn Talisman

PM me if you want any of these blueprints.
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Looking for dual green warden shield with hp/da/da or similiar.
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hi guys, im looking for a vicious jawbone with 7% elemental res bonus.
i've had already some but not with this bonus
gl hf
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Still looking for Incorruptible necklaces/medals of Protection!! Lemme know if you stumble across any xD

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I have bounty hunters belt for trade, as well as a lot of 36+ epics and double rares and a lot of other stuff.

I'm looking for alkamos anguish and the royal set, as well as any gear for a chaos damage pyromancer.
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