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Welcome to the team! I love what Crate is doing, seems like that got just a little bit better today!
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Welcome to the team, Grava! Glad to have you aboard!

Originally Posted by Grava View Post
Arthur and I go back to the TQ days, where he convinced the Iron Lore founders to hire me despite an argument I had with one of them during my interview.
This piqued my curiosity, under the assumption of it being design/game related...
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Good news, best wishes!
Great to see the team growing.
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Welcome aboard!
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The team just keeps getting better!
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Welcome Grava and congrats!

Can't wait to see the realisation of all the awesome f2p mobile concepts and monetisation ideas you've brought along!

One of the above comments is sarcastic.

I can only imagine your interview argument was about something not having the appropriate level of badass.
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Grava please do tell us if there's anything in GD that you specifically work on and are proud of. Would love to be able to "see" your touch.
Come check out mods I've worked on!
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Welcome comrade!
Challenge the Legend
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Default Nice!

Nice! Hope you like it there. We are eagerly awaiting the expansion offcourse and I personally have no doubt in the awesomeness of it.

Good luck!
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Welcome,friend! "finish the expansion" it means you are almost done? Perhaps we will have a Christmas surprise?
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