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Old 12-02-2018, 01:19 AM
Belzzzz Belzzzz is offline
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I've been messing around with a lightning pet build. The base is sigatrev's Deceiver build:

The second mastery is Storm instead of Inquisitor, for a very nice addition to the pet damage and a cool invincible aura pet. The ravens hit like a truck.

The second pet build I tried was a WitchDoctor / Nature. It's almost unfair how strong this is. You literally have an army under your control. The WitchDoctor set is quite nice.
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Old 12-06-2018, 11:39 PM
Goober Goober is offline
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These are interesting pet builds but I'm guessing many aren't intended for the Grimmest version?
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Old Yesterday, 08:52 PM
thepowerofmediocrity thepowerofmediocrity is offline
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Originally Posted by Goober View Post
These are interesting pet builds but I'm guessing many aren't intended for the Grimmest version?
Every build I test is designed for Ultimate Grimmest - if you're asking what I think you're asking, some builds are better designed to play a different build up through Ultimate (or until you have enough skill points) and then respec when obtain equipment / skills that your build is reliant on. Something like Riftstalker + D3 Skellies is something you need to wait until you have enough points to get the 100% Physical to Aether conversion before you try adding Riftstalker to the mix (or even just get it for the buffs / passives and then go for the other skills when you get the conversion). Once you get it, though, you'll plow through even Grimmest content with ease.

The hybrid pet/player builds are more challenge builds than anything, but even then they can go up through at least Log on Ultimate Grimmest (and that includes Hidden Path - Mad Queen is a favorite of mine for build testing purposes). The squishier builds may have a more challenging time on AoM Nemeses, but I can only test so much that I'm likely only going to take my favorite builds out of the 20 or so that I post through AoM + Lokarr. The others are either challenge builds or prompts for Crate / mod devs to buff underwhelming equipment or classes.

I have write-ups for my 3 Riftstalker builds, but I'm going to hold off posting them until I finalize their equipment to make sure I maximize their efficiency and that I'm not relying on too much on OP equipment in the event things like Eurydice's Wedding Bands get nerfed. Like I did for Storm, one will be standard pet build, one will be hybrid pet + player, and one will be full-player build.
NOTE: All builds that I post are directly created with GDStash (all valid prefix/suffix combos) for the purpose of testing and demonstrating what is possible. I used to have a legit character used for trading before the expansion, but I have not used him since AoM was released.

Open to any PMs from those interested in playing pet builds.

Currently playing: Grimarillion (first legit, then TAS)
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grimarillion, mods, pets

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