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I'm currently looking for :

can paying BIG for these (up to 5-10 legendaries depending on the roll you have, pm me the stats):

Incorruptible Gollus ring of Fallen Skies

Skyfallen Exalted Dagger (Lightning Damage) of Torrents/of Fury/of Onlsaught/of the Elements/of the Sage

Sandstorm/Thunderstruck Groble Sky Effigy of Torrents/of Fury/of Onlsaught/of the Elements/of the Sage

Gollus/Cronley's/Viloth's Ring with OA/DA/Resists/Casting speed
Solael/Dreeg/Bysmiel-Sect pants with Hp/Resists/OA/DA
Incorruptible Valbury Belts

What I have : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1...it?usp=sharing

Things I can craft (your mats + iron bits + tip) :

All Relics
All craftable Legendaries
All craftable Epics

PM me here
or add me on Steam (if you have what I need or for crafting) :

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Does anyone happen to have a spare gunslinger's jacket lying around? Trying to farm one for my pyro but no luck Just need the basic lvl 20 version.

If anyone could help me out I'd really appreciate it.
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Originally Posted by Fraggins View Post
Does anyone happen to have a spare gunslinger's jacket lying around? Trying to farm one for my pyro but no luck Just need the basic lvl 20 version.

If anyone could help me out I'd really appreciate it.
Today is your lucky day, my man. Just create a lobby and post info.
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I'm looking for two specific items, which are:

1 - Decree of Aldritch;
2 - Shar'Zul's Worldeater (version legendary).

I offer in return the legendary rings of Alkamos or the 2h weapon of it,
Soulrend. I have several set items as well and weapons as well.

Please, if anyone has, mainly Shar'Zul's Worldeater, I ask you to exchange with me, I have been more than 70 times the DG of the chaos in search of this weapon and still have not been able to drop ... I need it for my commando. If someone wants to trade with me, they can add me on Steam >> https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198016396090/
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Looking for
1 Shar'Zul' Worldeater
1 Outcast's Secret
1 Decree of Aldritch

I have many legendary to trade, you may ask later.
[New legendary have only Alkamos' ring of Dread for trade]

Can craft most of items and relic at no fees (bring your mats)
Midterm Exam until 12th March. Sorry for didn't reply or answer to you all.
Dust - Witch Hunter - Level 85
Durexa - Sorcereress - Level 85
Jon Snow - Spellbreaker - Level 85
General - Valdun Commander - Level 85
Johan - Pyromancer - Level 85
Ultemis - Shaman - Level 50

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Default Updatedddddd



Legs- Impervious Bysmiel-Sect Legguards of Potency
Ring 1 & 2- Incorruptible Cronley's Signet of Attack

Shoulders: Infernal Knights Pauldrons
Gloves: Handguards of Justice
Legs: Warding Solael-Sect Legguards of the Flesh Hulk
Feet: Stonehide Exalted Treads of Kings
Ammy: The Peerless Eye of Beronath
Ring1: Invoker's Burning Hand
Medal: Mark of Divinity
Relic: Ulzuin's Proclasm



*Beacon of The Winter's Veil
*Black Scourge
*Stonefist Rebuke
*Crescent Moon
*The Adversary
*Fiend's Resolve
*Grim Fate
*Withcing Hour
*Warborn Gavel
*Obsidian Juggernaut
*The Guillotine
*Deathmarked Decapitator
*Wildblood Crusher
*Valdun's Rifle
*BarrelSmith's Crossfire
*Deathdealer's Sidearm
*Quillthrower of Dreeg
*Harbinger of Eternal Suffering
*Butcher of Burrwitch
*Bane of The Winter King

*Devils Cage Hauberk
*Divinesteel Hauberk
*Clairvoyant's Robe
*Chestguard of Justice
*Fiendscale Jacket
*Frostdread Cuirass
*Beastcaller's Shroud
*Valdun's Jacket
*Bloodrager's Coat
*Korvoran's Chestguard
*Fiendmaster Raiment
*Warborn Chestguard

*Hellforged Legplates
*Nidalla's Legwraps
*Boneweave Leggings
*Demonbone Legplates

*Boneweave Girdle
*Thorn Girdle of The Misty Glade
*Hammerfall Girdle
*Phantom Thread Girdle
*Sash of The Bloodlord
*Sash of Immortal Sage

*Necromancer's Deathgrips
*Voidsteel Gauntlets
*Harbinger's Grasp
*Iceskorn Talons
*Touch of Everliving Grove

*Wretched Tome of Nar'Adin
*Invoker's Blaze
*Blood Orb of Ch'thon
*Skull of Gul'Amash
*Tome of The Arcane Wastes

*Celestial Stone of Halakor
*Heart of The Mountain
*Mark of Anathema
*Black Gem of Dreeg

*Venomspine Greaves
*Wyrmscale Footguards
*Boneshatter Treads
*Windshear Greaves

*Shoulderguards of Justice
*Fiendflesh Mantle
*Vileblood Mantle

*The Final Stop
*Dawnbreaker's Duty
*Meat Shield
*Skybreach Bulwark
*Zolhan's Revenge
*Will of Living

*Undying Oath

*Belgothian's Sigil
*Signet of The Fallen

!!CAN CRAFT!! (If you provide materials)

*DemonSlayer's Hat
*Eye of The Storm
*Herald of The Apocalypse
*Light Defender Helm
*Trozan's Hat
*Bernoath, Reforged

Steam Name: Banche561

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Stonehide Dreeg-Sect Legguards of Menhir's Wall
Formidable Exalted Treads of Menhir's Wall
Incorruptible Cronley's Signet of Attack x2


Olerons wrath


Head: -


Divinesteel shoulderguard
Fateweavers mantle
Shoulderguards of justice
Titan pauldrons Wildblood mantle


Chestguard of justice
Clairvoyant's robe
Deathmarked jacket
Devils cage hauberk
Dread armor of azragor
Fiendscale jacket
Frostdread cuirass
Gazer man
Infernal knights jacket
Lights defender plate
Shroud of illusion
Stealth jacket of the venomblade
Trozans vestments
Ulzuins chestguard
Vestment of agrivix


Colossal grasp
Grasp of unchained might
Necromancers deathgrips
Touch of everliving grove


Blade breaker sash
Sash of the immortal sage
Thorn girdle of the misty glade
Wildblood girdle


Arcane harmony leggings
Deathwhisper leggings
Demonbone legplates
Hellforged legplates
Legwraps of tranquil mind
Wraithborne legwarps


Boneshatter treads
Earthshatter treads
Footpads of the grey magi
Golemborn greaves
Stormtitan treads
Venomspine greaves
Windshear greaves
Voidwalker footpads
Wyrmscale footguards


Celestial stone of halakor
Demonslayers defense


Entropic coil


Mark of dark dreams
Mark of the apostate
Pyroclasm Mark

1H Weapon:

Beacon of the winters veil
Bane of the winter warrior
Crescent moon
Crimson spike
Death omen
Deathmarked claw
Fist of the venomblade
Panettis replicating wand
Reavers claw
Touch of purity
Trozans starkeeper
Warborn gavel

2H Weapon:

Bane of the winter king
Obsidian juggernaut
Stonefists rebuke
The guillotine
Ultos stormseeker
Wildblood crusher

Ranged Weapon:

Quillthrower of dreeg
The adversary


Aldanars vanity
Blood orb of ch'thon
Codex of lies
Consumption of agrivix
Fiends resolve
Invokers blaze
Iskandras texts
Skull of gull'amash
Speaker of the dead
Tome of names
Tome of arcane wastes


Dawnbreakers Duty
Markovians bulwark
Meat shield
Skybreaker bulwark

Legendarys I can craft:

Herald of blazing ends
Basilisk claw
Beronath, reforged
Spellbreaker waistguard
Tinkers ingenuity
Codex of eternal storms
Eye of dominion
Abyssal mask
Beastcallers cowl
Clairvoyants hat
Deathmarked hood
Faceguard of justice
Mask of infernal truth
Maw of despair
Valduns hat
Badge of mastery
Herald of the apocalypse
Pestilence of dreeg
Warborn visor
Visage of the black flame
Infernal knights faceguard

Can also craft a shit ton of relics

Also got LOADS of epic items

msg me on here or at http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197994300440/
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Looking for:

Incendiary Shoulderplates/Iron Maiden's Mantle with bleed resist and of the Fox suffix
Subjugator's Bloodsworn Signet of the Wild
Will give 10 legendaries for any of these MIs

Light Defenders Armor/Shoulders

Iron Bits


Arcane Harmony Leggings
Avatar of Mercy
Bane of the Winter King
Barrelsmith's Crossfire
Barrelsmith's Salvo
Beacon of the Winter's Veil
Beastcaller's Shroud
Black Scourge
Blade Breaker Sash
Blood orb of Ch'thon
Bloodfury Spaulders
Bloodrager's Coat
Bloodrager's Shoulderguards
Boneshatter Treads
Boneweave Leggings
Butcher of Burrwitch
Chausses of Barbaros
Chestguard of Justice
Chilldread Mantle
Clairvoyant's Mantle
Clairvoyant's Robes
Closed Fist of Vengeance
Codex of Agrivix
Codex of Lies
Colossal Grasp
Consumption of Agrivix
Crescent Moon
Crimson Spike
Dawnbreaker's Duty
Dawnbreaker's Sledge
Death Omen
Deathbound Amethyst
Deathdealer's Sidearm
Deathmarked Decapitator
Deathmarked Jacket
Deathwhisper Leggings
Demonbone Legplates
Demonslayer's Defense
Demonslayer's Jacket
Demonslayer's Life-Ender
Devil's Cage Hauberk
Direwolf Crest
Divinesteel Hauberk
Divinesteel Shoulderguards
Earthshatter Treads
Entropic Coil
Fang of Ch'thon
Fateweaver's Leggings
Fateweaver's Mantle
Fiendmaster Raiment
Fiend's Resolve
Fiendscale Jacket
Footpads of the Grey Magi
Frostdread Cuirass
Girdle of Stolen Dreams
Golemborn Greaves
Grasp of Unchained Might
Grim Fate
Guthook Belt
Hammerfall Girdle
Handguards of Justice
Harbinger of Eternal Suffering
Harbinger's Grasps
Hellforged Legplates
Iceskorn Talons
Infernal Brimstone
Invoker's Blaze
Invoker's Burning Hand
Invoker's Shard
Invoker's Shocking Touch
Korovan's Chestguard
Legwraps of the Tranquil Mind
Lifegiver Signet
Mad Queen's Claw
Mantle of Agrivix
Mark of Anathema
Markovian's Bulwark
Markovian's Stratagem
Meat Shield
Necromancer's Deathgrips
Nidalla's Legwraps
Nightshade's Reach
Obsidian Juggernaut
Open Hand of Mercy
Orb of the Black Flame
Plaguebearer of Dreeg
Pretty Great Pants
Quillthrower of Dreeg
Razor of the Venomblade
Sash of the Bloodlord
Sash of the Immortal Sage
Screams of the Aether
Shadowflame Mantle
Shoulderguards of Justice
Shroud of Illusions
Sigil of the Bear King
Skull of Gul'Amash
Skybreach Bulwark
Spark of Ultos
Speaker for the Dead
Stealth Jacket of the Venomblade
Stonefist Rebuke
Stormcage Legguards
Stormtitan Treads
Temporal Archblade
Temporal Tempest
The Adversary
The Final Stop
The Guillotine
The Northern Wyrm
The Untouchable
Thorn Girdle of the Misty Glade
Thornhide Legguards
Thread of Mortality
Time-Flux Band
Tinker's Ingenuity
Tome of Names
Touch of Purity
Touch of the Everliving Grove
Ultos' Cuirass
Ultos' Stormseeker
Ulzuin's Flamespreader
Ulzuin's Shoulderguard
Undying Oath
Valdun's Bounty
Valdun's Rifle
Venomspine Greaves
Vestaments of Agrivix
Vestaments of Dreeg
Vestaments of the Great Guardian
Viperfang Grips
Voidmancer's Cord
Voidsteel Gauntlets
Voidwalker Footpads
Vortex of Souls
Warborn Gavel
Wildblood Crusher
Wildblood Girdle
Wildblood Mantle
Wildshorn Legguards
Will of Bysmiel
Will of the Living
Windshear Greaves
Witching Hour
Wrath of the Ascendant
Wyrmbone Handguards
Wyrmscale Footguards
Zolhan's Revenge

Blueprint: Abyssal Mask
Blueprint: Arcanum Sigillis
Blueprint: Basilisk Claw
Blueprint: Beastcaller's Cowl
Blueprint: Beronath, Reforged
Blueprint: Bloodrager's Cowl
Blueprint: Callidor's Vestaments
Blueprint: Circlet of the Great Serpent
Blueprint: Clairvoyant's Hat
Blueprint: Codex of Eternal Storms
Blueprint: Cowl of Mogdrogen
Blueprint: Cowl of the Venomblade
Blueprint: Crown of the Winter King
Blueprint: Damnation
Blueprint: Deathmarked Hood
Blueprint: Dread-Mask of Gurgoth
Blueprint: Empowered Black Grimoire of Og'Napesh
Blueprint: Empowered Essence of Beronath
Blueprint: Empowered Skyshard Spellblade
Blueprint: Essence of the Grim Dawn
Blueprint: Eye of Dominion
Blueprint: Hearld of Blazing Ends
Blueprint: Hearld of the Apocalypse
Blueprint: Hood of Dreeg
Blueprint: Infernal Knight's Faceguard
Blueprint: Leviathan
Blueprint: Markovian Visor
Blueprint: Mask of Infernal Truth
Blueprint: Mask of the Harbinger
Blueprint: Olexra's Chill
Blueprint: Raka'Jax
Blueprint: Reforged Chains of Oleron
Blueprint: Relic - Belgothian's Carnage
Blueprint: Relic - Dreeg's Affliction
Blueprint: Relic - Necrosis
Blueprint: Relic - Plunderer's Talisman
Blueprint: Relic - Solael's Decimation
Blueprint: Shard of Beronath
Blueprint: Spellbreaker Waistguard
Blueprint: Starfury Emerald
Blueprint: Trozan's Hat
Blueprint: Ulzuin's Headguard
Blueprint: Ulzuin's Pyroclasm
Blueprint: Valdun's Hat
Blueprint: Visage of the Black Flame
Blueprint: Whisperer of Secrets

Will trade MIs for other MIs needed:
Puncturing Dermapteran Slicer of Alacrity
Purging Fabius' Pauldron of the Fox
Resistant Valdaran's Mantle of Attack
Stanching Iron Maiden's Mantle of Attack
Stonehide Valdaran's Shoulderguard of Mending
Subjugator's Exalted Belt of the Wild

Some blues

PM me what you want

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Looking for ::

Warborn Visor
Warborn Pauldrons

Bysmiel's Domination

Have ::


Warborn Gavel
Fang of Ch'thon
Trozan's Starkeeper
Beacon of the Winter's Veil
Crimson Spike
Crescent Moon
Quillthrower of Dreeg
Barrelsmith's Crossfire
Barrelsmith's Salvo
Ultos's Stormseeker
Bane of the Winter King
Nightshade's Reach
Stonefist Rebuke
Obsidian Juggernaut
The Guillotine
Death Omen
Black Scourge
Touch of Purity
Decree Aldritch


The Untouchable
The Final Stop
Dawnbreaker's Duty
Skybreach Bulwark


Codex of Lies
Speaker for the Dead


Ulzuin's Headguard
Ultos's Hood


Fiendflesh Mantle
Shadowflame Mantle


Chestguard of Justice
Ulzuin's Chestguard
Shroud of illusion


Deathwhisper Leggings
Boneweave Leggings
Stormcage Legguards
Chausses of Barbaros


Handguards of Justice
Voidsteel Gauntlets
Iceskorn Talons
Touch of the Everliving Grove
Light's Defender Gauntlets


Golemborn Greaves
Stormtitan Treads
Boneshatter Treads
Vemonspine Greaves


Blade Breaker Sash
Hammerfall Girdle
Phantom-Thread Girdle
Sash of the Bloodlord
Ulzuin's Torment
Sash of the Immortal Sage
Boneweave Girdle


Blood Sigil of Ch'thon
Pyroclasm Mark
Mark of the Apostate


Invoker's Shard
Deathbound Amethyst
Black Gem of Dreeg
Sigil of the Bear King
Sovereign Ruby of Domination


Time-Flux Band
Screams of the Aether
Closed Fist of Vengeance
Band of the Eternal Haunt

Can Craft (ฺBring your own mats)


Herald of Blazing Ends
Basilisk Claw
Olexra's Chill
Arcanum Sigillis


Reforged Chains of Oleron
Spellbreaker Waistguard
Tinker's Ingenuity
Ulzuin's Torment
Voidmancer's Cord


Codex of Ethernal Storms
Eye of Dominion


Abyssal Mask
Beastcaller's Cowl
Circle of the Great Serpent
Dread-Mask of Gurgoth
Mask of Infernal Truth
Mask of the Harbinger
Markovian's Visor


Badge of Mastery
Essence of the Grim Dawn
Herald of the Apocalypse
Mark of Divinity
Pestilence of Dreeg
Starfury Emerald

Contact Steam


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Originally Posted by Aetreyu View Post
Hey Guys,

i am looking for:


I have:

Deathmarked Claw

Can't PM cause of low post count.
If you are interested then add me on steam: steamcommunity.com/id/TrashGarbage
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