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Default Grim Misadventure #19: A Grim Focus

Welcome back, brave misadventurers, to the home of Gazerman, local hero and legend. In this installment, Gazerman will meet his greatest adversary yet: an update without him.

We have a special treat for you today from our artists, but first we would like to introduce you to our Focus items.

Focus items are off-hand only implements intended for the sorcerers at heart. Through them, you will channel forbidden powers capable of tearing apart the toughest foe. Unlike shields though, they provide no defenses.

The focus of today’s update…heh he…sigh

Focus items come in two styles, the tomes for a more refined spellcaster and the savage implements of forbidden arts. Both types of Focus items provide a set amount of cooldown reduction, but where they differ is in their base energy regeneration. Whereas tomes provide flat bonuses, savage Foci give a percent bonus. Which one benefits you more will depend entirely on you gear preferences. One thing is certain though: the most powerful spellcasters will want a combination of Weapon and Focus for the largest bonuses to their preferred damage types.

Below are some examples of these Foci equipped:

And let us not forget the special treat. By popular demand, we have prepared wallpaper versions of some of our recent promotional materials. You can grab them here.

That is all for me for today! Check back in two weeks for another update (04/29/13)!
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Awesome, we finally got wallpapers. Thanks Zantai!

Also, like the artwork on those books. Makes it really appealing to have one.
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Very nice. I like it.
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Nice work, the system seems to really add to the sorcerer gameplay.
Glad to see that you are not relying on TQ system for it, with the awkward staffs
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These look great! I'm definitely looking forward to trying these out, since I'm such a bibliophile, lol.
Although, the third guy looks like he just got back from a trip to the library.
I like the look of the wallpapers, too. Are we gonna get one of the newly unveiled female character, later?
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From what Zantai said, the tomes have flat bonuses, but the savage foci have percentage based bonuses. Speaking of, is that 2nd foci a voodoo doll of some sort?
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Where is my alpha?
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So much love for casters, so little for soldiers.

Then again, it'll feel even better to play the outcast soldier. Hated by his own makers, only counting on his own rusted blade & bravery. To arms !!!

Also, nice update!
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Oh very awesome! I've already downloaded all the wallpapers. Great screenshots, too. The magi look so much darker and eerie than TQ. I like them!
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Hey guyz look what I did lolz.

Internet Explorer Sucks.
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