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well I can't wait for it, so I hope med gives it the OK very soon, as I'm eager for more news
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ooh exciting~
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Originally Posted by Jalex View Post
I've got it written up, just waiting for Medierra to take a look at it and make sure I didn't fill it with virusuz or Rickrolls. Expect it soon
What are the odds Evil Medierra intecepts it and fills it with virusuz and Rickrolls?
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He tried, but I maneuvered around him. It's up!
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Love the fact that its not dark all the time and that during the day the place look pretty peaceful.
I do hope that the weather system is more than simply rain and thunder and full blown sun. I would like fog, Altostratus cloud where there is no shadows from the sun and some big cumulus with big shadows moving around. Would make the game really really great ! Hell if you can, the possibility of Glory (Where the ray of light hit the ground on a certain angle and create a veil of light on people/monsters, would be great.
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