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Default Update 7

Update 7: Doubling the Content

"Wanna gamble? ..."

What's new?

7+ New Locations

New Location -- Hawton Mine (Challenging)

Acquire the Office Key and eliminate the Boss. You will claim your rewards above the Idyllic Waterfall.

The key spawns at a random location inside the mine. Includes a small challenging side area where you can let your anger against wasps out by decimating their populations.

Click on each picture for a higher resolution

Hawton Mine

Above the Idyllic Waterfall

New Location -- An Ice Cave (Challenging)

It's cold down there.

You will constantly receive damage, and therefore won't heal up automatically. Find heat sources to warm yourself up.

An Ice Cave

New Location -- Odul Aela's Dungeon (Challenging)

You will gamble the outcome. Pay an entrance fee, choose how many rooms you want to take on, and hope you won't receive the worst outcome and end up with the Most Pathetic Chest.

Several different outcomes, varying from chests and ambushes to NPCs and eventually a goat. Currency used are Aether Crystals - you will drop them regularly from nearly all chests. You can exchange other materials for them as well. Still a Work In Progress, since I could not test all 50+ different ambushes.


Room II

Room IV

New Location -- Ancient Ruins (Inner Part)

The continuation of the Nehada Desert.

Ancient Ruins

Keep going.
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Default Update 7

Scroll up.

New Location -- Transition

Foggy. Atmospheric. Disorientating. Annoying.

To make up for this, the second part is linear.

Transition Part I

Transition Part II

New Location -- Snowy Landscape

An idyllic snowy landscape.

Tip: The amount of undead ascending from earth at the crater is indeed near endless.

Snowy Landscape

Depraved Ruins

New Location -- Above the Waste

A twisty area leading to the Ashes.

Above the Waste

New Location -- Ashes (Challenging)

The largest area in Nydiamar so far. You will encounter one new enemy type there.

Possibility to increase the difficulty of the final fight, which grants an additional reward. You may unlock a shortcut leading to the Ashes temporarily for the session or permanently by completing a specific quest. I really tried to make the huge area as interesting as possible.



New Enemy Type -- Chthonic Crystals

Multiple variations -- Three different sizes, as well as two splitting crystals.

Five different skills, including summoning multiple chthonic traps around it and spawning an ambush on death.


I have completely reworked the previous content. Only a few things are left as they were. Overall, it should now be a much more enjoyable and polished experience.

Noteworthy changes to the world
  • Changed 'Shard Quest' -- Quest will be initiated by picking up the first shard; Quest progress will update only when all segments are found; No NPC-interaction required to complete the quest.
  • 'Balanced' the fun items -- The Rusty Knife increases experience gain by 250%; The Bomber requires expensive special ammunition to not annihilate the holder (don't exploit this!); I'm Attractive makes you extremely squishy, but attractive; Illuminated Hat does what it does; Sword In Stone got tuned down; Removed Don't Touch Me, Smelly Pants (You can still sniff the filthy peasant) and Flashy Shoes.
  • Denial Play-Through -- You may now access the Redemption Hub when you are higher than level 85 for a high fee, but you won't be able to receive iron bits from the Lectern of Wisdom anymore, so you might actually save your iron bits to be able to buy anything there.
  • Added new level rewards to the Lectern of Wisdom -- Besides some new higher level rewards, all Talismans (Relics) have been added as rewards.
  • Balancing of existing quests, including the Lectern of Questing.
  • Environmental improvements -- as in Music; Sounds; Weather; Expanded the Yamuna Forest a bit; Changes to the Graveyard and Entrance to the Catacombs.
  • Dialog & Text rewriting and improvements -- Renaming of many NPCs; Rewriting of nearly all dialogs and quests, leading to less cringe and better readability.
  • A new NPC added to Edge of Eternity. Pet it.
  • Changes to enemy encounters / placements -- Relocating and removing many encounters, for example Alkamos; Making encounters less chaotic and drastic; Reduced the difficulty of the first area.
  • Chests -- Balancing loot from chests and adding many new ones to the world (~10-15 new variations; an example: jewelery boxes); Hidden One-Shot chests added (currently 11).
  • New Quest -- a small new quest given by the Woman at a Campfire, now named Yosefine (will reward Mistborn Talisman, since you could not acquire it till now).
  • Quite a lot of other changes and fixes

Finally getting this out. Bugs expected. Feedback appreciated.



DOWNLOAD (Size: 385 MB) (Patch 1 included)


-- Extract the folder to your 'mods'-folder in your installation directory. --

The expansion 'Ashes of Malmouth' is required.

Create a new character.

The mod may be occasionally (really) performance demanding.

There are minimum requirements to the settings. Make sure you set your settings to at least those in the picture or higher. These are absolutely required.

Read up more about Nydiamar on the opening post.

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MY GOD MY GOD what do we have here?!?!11111oneoneone ok now chill out, breath deep HOLY COW hype as hell man i was looking every two days for any news nice <3 I am truly amazed and thankful for Your job and work You put into this now i am going to trigger-download it NAO! <3
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Originally Posted by Wojo View Post
MY GOD MY GOD what do we have here?!?!11111oneoneone ok now chill out, breath deep HOLY COW hype as hell man i was looking every two days for any news nice <3 I am truly amazed and thankful for Your job and work You put into this now i am going to trigger-download it NAO! <3
what do we have here? this mod is looking much much better than Shattered Realm already

in fact might put it to shame haha
Originally Posted by Zantai View Post
There's not going to be a Paladin mastery, begin your shame.
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Default U7 Patch 1

So, did someone manage to play till the end so far? It's a little demotivating to get so few replies, since I invest so much additional no-fun time to play test everything (apparently not enough, heh) for release, and then don't even know if people actually play till the end.
I don't want to fish for replies or anything, but it does bother me a little bit ... oh well, I guess the community is just that small or not interested in that type of mod that mine is?

Nonetheless, I guess I will start working on it again when the next expansion with all those precious new assets to work with drops, so if you are interested in Nydiamar, stay tuned till then. Already got some great ideas.

But for now, here's patch #1.


Update 7: Doubling the Content


  • Odul Aela's Dungeon
    • Drastically increased the difficulty of most non-boss encounters. Still needs some further adjustments.
    • Added more materials to exchange for aether crystals.
    • Receiving the same outcome in Room IV & V should no longer be the norm.
  • Chthonic Crytals
    • Reduced their life.
    • Increased their potential damage output (from nearly nothing).
    • You can no longer confuse them. (Other effects hopefully won't break them any longer too.)
    • Chaos waves will now reduce your elemental resistances.
    • Crystals will now cast chaos vortices. Higher types will cast multiple ones at once to keep you moving.

      Overall, they are now a lot more dangerous.

  • Changed up the final event. It should now be more chaotic and interesting, as well as more challenging. As a final should be.
  • After dying and reentering the final event area, the gates will now close properly.
  • Fixed the rift zone in Ancient Ruins -- your personal rift should now appear on the map in there too.
  • You will now receive a so called 'level token' which you can't get rid of (seriously, you can't) after accepting a reward from the Lectern of Wisdom. This token prevents you from taking the same reward on a different difficulty again. A Quality of Life change since you no longer need to remember which reward you took last after switching difficulties.
  • You now need to play on higher difficulties to be able to accept higher tiers of quests given by the Lectern of Questing -- now you won't be able to easily get to level 100 by playing only on Normal. I'm currently considering a level cap for enemies on Normal (55) and Elite (75) to further prevent people from farming lower difficulties.
  • Rebalanced several level rewards. Devotion points are more spread out, equipment rewards got reduced since you already get plenty enough from playing.
  • Rebalanced all rewards from quests.
  • Added more encounters to the first area, since there were a few parts where you did not encounter anything.
  • Increased enemy level of the Strange Well (and therefore the difficulty).
  • Some other minor fixes and changes.

Nothing to say here except ...

... Enjoy~


DOWNLOAD (Size: 385 MB) (Patch 1 included)
(Patch) Installation: Delete the old folders 'Nydiamar' and 'NydiamarMainCampaign', then drop the new ones.

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Please please do not think people are not interested.
Your mod and grillmarillion are the only reasons I keep playing this game.

would there be any way to incorporate yours and theirs together? I love the story and map extension, but also the additional classes in gril.
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Tho i didn't get a chace to play game with this mod it doesn't mean that I am not interested in this mod. In near future i will have time for myself to have a little break so i can finally chillout playing GD with Nydiamar But i am wondering about making NEW char to start from lvl 1 and make all content again. Btw idea about caping monster levels is good idea coz going all normal till 100lvl is easy (and belive me i am lazy player who will do that on normal without effort and i do not want that to be there) so You better do that monster level cap coz this sounds more reliable and enjoyable

P.S: Don't get this attitude about Your mod coz it only make You to abaddon this mod :/
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I created an account here just to post a big THANK YOU for pouring in the hundreds of hours you obviously have into making this mod.

I'm a relatively new player to Grim Dawn (picked it up in Summer, haven't even reached Ultimate / 100 on my main), and I'm having a blast starting a new character with your mod.

The maps are incredibly atmospheric and I especially loved how environments can be so different, from a misty road to a pitch black fort to a desert that reminds me of Titan Quest's.

I'm loving the increased challenge; already died a couple of times using the headstart option and I only just reached level 20.

Another thing I appreciate is that you haven't added new classes. I've only played two builds (Pet ritualist, retaliation warder) and still have the rest of base GD's classes to try out. The one thing stopping me from trying other new mods is that they had new classes and change a lot of mechanics, and I start to feel overwhelmed.

Nydiamar is very new-player friendly, and that makes it fairly unique amongst the big mods, as far as I can tell.

Really enjoying it so far, and the experience is helping me pad out my blueprints on my main game main via a little GD Stash light cheating.

So I noticed that you posted about nobody really talking about your mod and was wondering if people are playing. I can't speak for everyone, but I am definitely playing, and I'm assuming there are a bunch of people who are, too, but don't have forum accounts. Looking forward to getting to the end of Nydiamar.

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Originally Posted by amberdrake View Post
Please please do not think people are not interested. ...
Thanks. I can't see how many people download my mod through the mega.nz link, so, as CedricFP said, I'm just wondering if people are playing since there is no other indication than the Nexus page and comments posted here. I would guess that most people playing Grim Dawn don't even know that mods exists, so I'm not even mad. My mod is not that easy to find, either.

Originally Posted by amberdrake View Post
... would there be any way to incorporate yours and theirs together? I love the story and map extension, but also the additional classes in gril.
Unfortunately, this would not be possible, since Grimarillion is a mod compilation that changes the main campaign a lot and not just adds classes. But I will look into the separate class mods and may message the other authors before releasing the next update to see what can be done. If I should incorporate them, then as a separate version of my mod.

Originally Posted by Wojo View Post
Tho i didn't get a chace to play game with this mod it doesn't mean that I am not interested in this mod ...
Take your time. I won't stop working on it, that's for sure.

The level cap is currently something so obviously that is missing that I may even patch it instead of waiting for the next update.

Originally Posted by CedricFP View Post
I created an account here just to post a big THANK YOU for pouring in the hundreds of hours you obviously have into making this mod. ...
I really appreciate to hear that! I will keep that 'new-player friendliness' in mind when working on future stuff. Maybe because even I am not that experienced after all - I haven't reached level 100 on my main either, heh.

After all, I'm just running out of ideas to improve what's currently there, and the expansion which adds new assets and changes up everything holds me back starting working on new environments right now.
The problem I have is catching bugs and odd things. For example the crystals I added last update - you could completely break them by confusing them through the Flashbang skill. I only found out about this by accident. So, again, if you catch something odd, report that back. I'm mostly working after the Trial & Error principle, which happens to let quite a lot of bugs slip through. That's why I would like to hear a little bit from people who did play through.

But, to not leave the impression that I might abandon my mod, here are some current ideas and plans I have for now:
  • Level cap for enemies on each difficulty.

  • The way you currently gain Devotion points through the level rewards is a bit boring, so I'm considering this as a more interesting way to gain them:

    Since the world currently is too small to put all the shrines in there, I might create a new arena where you can spawn the devotion shrines from the main campaign. The shrines are locked behind milestones you have to reach first, for example reaching the Nehada Desert on Elite unlocks the next 3 shrines to take on. You need to complete the previous spawned shrines first to be able to spawn the next set of shrines. Putting a min level for enemies on each difficulty ensures that the player won't easily get all points, since he can't play through Ultimate while being only level 50.

    Alternatively, I may put some shrines into the world instead, with increased difficulty and Devotion points to gain from.

  • When you get to level 35, you instantly unlock all factions with maximal reputation after taking your level reward. A bit boring too.

    So, again, I might add a new arena to level up each faction on your own. My current idea is that you choose the faction you want to receive reputation for and then proceed to complete the arena.

    The arena is split into multiple connected rooms. Something like this (quickly done in Notepad):
    Click image for larger version

Name:	FactionArena.JPG
Views:	138
Size:	10.3 KB
ID:	19431
    R = Room with an ambush; B = Room with a random boss fight; C = Room with a chest.

    After completing a room, a randomly chosen path leading to the next room opens up. You won't end up in the same room twice, so you always somehow advance towards the end. The length of the current run depends on your luck.

    The reputation quests are split into multiple tiers. The first only lets you get to the first boss fight and only rewards a small amount of reputation. The second one rewards more, but requires you to reach and complete the second boss fight.

    The longer you need to go to complete the quest, the higher the risk that you may die and start over. Similar to Odul Aela's Dungeon.

    Eventually I may add some rooms with the same mechanic as the Elements part in the Strange Well - to spice it up.

    The environment will be a desert (so I'm waiting here for the expansion once again), mixed with some other exotic biomes, again similar to Odul Aela's Dungeon where the environment slightly changes the further you advance.

  • Endgame. 4 new areas, which you can access through several randomly spawned rifts. Similar how the Ashen Waste works. The rift for the 1st area might spawn somewhere inside the Nehada Desert. The 2nd in the Snowy Landscape. The 3rd, I don't know, probably in the Transition parts. The 4th and final one inside the Ashes.

    The 4th one requires keystones that you receive by completing the previous areas. The keystones will be difficulty locked. Since those areas are supposed to be endgame, you finally get to fight some of the harder bosses, probably those from the main campaigns challenge dungeons, like Alkamos.

    The environments for those areas are going to be awesome, got some crazy ideas.

  • New hidden challenge dungeon near the Entrance of the Catacombs, accompanied by a lengthy quest.

I probably will change quite a lot about my plans before getting through the list. If you have any great ideas, I may add them, just tell me.
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Van Houck man! if i would live somewhere near You (or if i was rich guy then i would just fly there heh :P) i would put on a bottle of vodka or a keg of beer to drink for Your awesome work and creativity
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