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Very good patch. Sucks that new boss looks almost exactly like Loghorrean, which was expected to be exclusive and unique last boss
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A lot of little (and not so little) buffs to cold damage. I hereby declare this to be A Great Patch, good job Crate!
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Amazing changes Crate!
Making Gladiators.
Most of my builds can be found in Build Compendium IX.
Originally Posted by mad_lee View Post
Octavius injects a decilitre of horse hormones into untransmuted FW.
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Really great changes IMO!

Just a bit sad to not see a -CD for storm totem somewhere on the valguurs set
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thanks for the patch!
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My take:

2h Shamans get a lot of HP, with some minor investment you can reach 20k+ HP, coupled with the Crucible HP buff and overcapped Wendigo totem they become immovable walls.

Avenger's set is very strong, the proc is pretty much like a Ghoulish Hunger with a high uptime.
Can be hard to get good resists with it though, wish either the chest or the shoulders had one more bottom row resist.

Mirror/MoT/TD nerfs are minor at best. Yes, you can't chain them for 100% immunity anymore but you can still get like 75%+ uptime on what is practically damage immunity, which is still ridiculously strong.

Glad 170 is doable with NB builds, the Dual Blades change coupled with something like the enemy damage reduction on Aura of Censure makes it relatively comfortable to do.

170 in general should be doable with most endgame builds now, assuming you either have a baseline of defenses or passable kiting skills.
This is really good since it makes Crucible a lot more interesting, there's that build variety you wanted.
"They were completely unbalanced—in all the best ways!"
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Please sb clarify this for me - the lack of save compatibility - does that mean I need to create new chars, cause all the old ones are useless now? What about items I so far collected in the transfer stash?
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Originally Posted by shelion View Post
Please sb clarify this for me - the lack of save compatibility - does that mean I need to create new chars, cause all the old ones are useless now? What about items I so far collected in the transfer stash?
What it means is that any characters you load with the latest patch will not work in older versions of the game.

There are no compatibility concerns in the reverse.

This is primarily relevant to players who may keep different versions of the game on GOG, or if you have the game on multiple PCs but don't have all of them up to date.
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Thanks for the update!
Originally Posted by Zantai
Don't try to face tank him.
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Primal Bond: added flat Bleed damage bonus for the player and pets
Thanks so much

Howl of Mogdrogen: now also grants Bleed damage for pets
So much bleed!
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