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Default Class idea

So I was watching The Thing and doing a bit of thinking about what fun it would be if you could play as the monster instead of being a metal wrapped squishy hunting them.

I think the current explanation for the origin of Grim Dawn's monsters and hero powers is the dimensional warp or void or something, anyhow what if someone was twisted by the evil in body but managed to retain their mind?

My class idea is this:

> Less gear focused, perhaps passive bonuses can be part of the skill tree which would increase if less or lighter equipment was worn.
> Compatible with a caster class
> Abilities that use up 'body mass' or health, necessitating the need to replenish it often.

>Abilities based on mutability of the character's body. For example
- Disgorging a number of short lifespan, parasitic creatures that attack nearby monster before dying/exploding
- Leaping onto an enemy (a bit like the witch in L4D), devastating to a single enemy but would leave you vulnerable to anything nearby. This attack could regenerate your health partially.
- Shooting out tendrils that take over one or more enemies and puppet them around, forcing them to attack your foes.
- Extending your arm out long distance to grab an enemy and hurl them.
- huge jaws quickly grow out of your body to bite at nearby enemies
- Spraying digestive fluids onto enemies, allowing you to regain health by attacking them.

Might be good for an expansion where the world has been explored further and more unusual things have been discovered.
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That would be a pretty cool class.
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I really like this idea. Would make for an interesting melee class or caster class *or both*

Thing is, it would have to be compatible with ALL classes, given that is how TQ worked and that is how this game has been suggested to work. If I could have a mutant grenadier or soldier, I would be so very happy.... Muahahahahaha!
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I kind of 'discourage' on ideas that is less loot/gear centric. It basically defies the purpose of a heavily loot based game.

I would however welcome ideas that is trying to add more variety to the existing class systems in place but i like to see how gears and loots could fit in to this context.
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It would be cool if character could suffer some void-transformation like I said before:

Originally Posted by i.n.s.a.n.e View Post
New locations(mentioned already, yes), but not just on Cairn, but also some portals/dimensional holes to otherworlds inhabited by the creatures invading Cairn. Those locations should be randomly generated, HARD, and design-wise completely different from world of Cairn. Maybe even some special graphical filters applied on it to get a feeling of being somewhere where we really should not be, somewhere unknown. Or maybe even timed events, as those worlds would be poisonous for players, slowly killing them/turning them to zombies (yes, I mean actual transformation, with all its stuff, like vomitting, slower movement speed, and dying eventually) if they did not find exit in time, etc.
But the idea above would concern all classes, not just one...maybe we could "respec" that way or something? Haha.

Anyway, interesting ideas, Tenka.
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You're probably thinking of something like Prototype.

The protagonist does not use weapons, he is the weapon.

However, decoupling him from equipment cannot work in an item-centric game.
I just wouldn't show the weapon / shield on the model but still use the effects and damage values of the equipped weapon / gear.

Instead of clicky skills to cause effects, the changeling would morph into various distinct forms.
These forms then have a small number of distinct abilities.
To use an ability that belongs to another form, you have to change into that form and are then limited to the ability set of that one.

The form + attached abilities can be better than for other classes because there is always a skill set that limits the current scope of the character.

Basically it would be a skill tree that branches on the bottom only and then goes vertical.
The bottom skill of each branch is the shapechange skill with one ability. The follow-up skills of each branch go into a similiar direction, reinforcing the basic purpose of this form.
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Sounds similar (if we are focusing on loot centric games) to the Druid in Diablo 2.

Much like you suggest, his attacks were focused off the equipment he wore on his person, but when shapeshifting he could gain passive bonuses to attack speed, damage threshold, etc, based on the form that he would take (Be it bear or werewolf).

It was an extremely effective class provided the correct gear and attribute points were chosen, and could life leech through most hell difficulty bosses with relatively little difficulty. Though, while its end game was significantly stronger than other classes, it was a hell of a hard time to get there.

It would be really cool to see a more versatile version of the druid, perhaps based less in shape-shifting to animals, but more to things more in tune with the GD lore and environs.
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Would be cool
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Sounds pretty crazy.
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