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I would LOVE to see a Mutant Giant coming out of the roof of a house à-la_Alice in Wonderland... OR OR maybe some part where there are explosives and... oh defining gameplay area... okay >_> (okay enough foolling around I had my fun) Although the idea of destructable houses seems fun, I don't think most people would like to transform this in a Red Faction hybrid... just saying.

Combat in confined spaces you say? Bring my sledgehammer of something!
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Originally Posted by medierra View Post
That said, we do plan to sometimes have special breakable wall-pieces that are meant to be a sort of semi-secret way to open up alternate routes through the level. They'd probably be distinguished by some cracking in the wall plaster or whatever that, if you were looking for it, would signal that you could break through.
Nice. Would definitely love to see more breakable walls in the game. One of the things that bugs me about ARPGs is that environments tend to be static even when monsters and the player are tearing the place apart. The best part about having destructible walls in a game where spells and explosions are flying everywhere is the emergence that happens when you least expect it. You fling an explosive at an enemy, miss, but it hits a a wall which breaks, and your immediate response is, "Oh ... that's a surprise."
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have you tried sims 2? i hate the game, but my gf played it a lot and built a lot of houses. maybe you could get some ideas from there.
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Default Fun!

This is really cool. I can see alot of frantic, edge of my seat gaming going on with hordes of enemies trying to splatter me all over the interior of these buildings.
Fun all around!

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