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Am I blind or there is no change to the meteor damage from the Aleksander Nemesis?
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Nice birthday present, Crate! Thanks.
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Thanks Crate for the Lovely update! Keep up the good work.
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Is still see MI's without any affixes even after the patch.
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Originally Posted by Strigvir View Post
Is still see MI's without any affixes even after the patch.
Which MIs?
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Awesome looking patch!!!

I hope the Belgothian nerf isn't too bad or there's no reason to use that skill, in which case it could be swapped out for some other ability more appropriate for the armor.
I have many level 100s blah blah.
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Still downloading. Anybody know if they fixed the 'bug' that makes resetting a mastery in GDefiler totally wipe your illusionist collection? I remember reading somewhere that it would be fixed in this patch.
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Wooo Chillsurge buff! My Chillsurge infiltrator's gonna have a good time. Ice and fire was nerfed but it can be replaced. I think cold/frostburn infiltrator/mage hunter's gonna be top tier now.
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Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
I don't get it. Why make bosses resistant to something that would be really useful against bosses and pretty much only bosses?

Does this mean they'll be sacking life reduction % next?
%Life reduction is actually very useful speeding up clearing trash mobs, specially when you have little option for AoE outside War Cry :P
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Legendary - Mythical Mark of the Forbidden: added 15% chance to cast Toxic Gas Cloud, reduced modifiers to Bloody Pox and Wendigo Totem to compensate
Thank you so much for adding Toxic Gas Cloud back to the Myth version of this medal. No question about wearing it now.

Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems that the added Vit damage to Bloody Pox at the very least is not showing up in the description (neither is the Heath Regen -200%). Are these modifiers actually getting added to the skill?
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