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I beleive so, yes. Goal will be reached
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Originally Posted by medierra View Post
I have to admit, after the first couple days when pledges started to drop off, I'd wake up every morning feeling sick to my stomach, wondering how low it was going to go before finally plateauing off. I had a little fear that we might start out well and then end up dead in the water midway through like the TakeDown project. When it plateaued off around $7-$8k, I felt a lot better but the last couple weeks have still been nail-biting.

Now it looks like it is just a matter of how far beyond the minimal goal we'll go, so that's at least a bit of a relief.
Yeah, I had this feeling too, but I'm sure you're experience was a bit more intense.

I'm glad that things are progressing. Definitely people getting out the word and reddit helped! It also helps that, in your posts, you come across very fair minded, take an interest in your fans, and are passionate about the game.

The more I read the past forum posts, the more I find that the game captures my imagination. I look forward to playing it.
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i thinks so too. although at first, i thought it would have surpassed the goal by an absurd amount, until the pledges reduced in numbers. but at least, almost 300k funding are a good achievement.
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Originally Posted by Cynic View Post
It's a shame. Honestly you guys have presented a much more promising result than either Wasteland 2 or The Banner Saga. The first has only concept art to show so far, and the second has really only some art and a single video. You have so much more to show, full gameplay videos, mind blowing music, art and a great setting.

While I think the progress HAS been really good, it's basically only 30k to reach the goal now with 15 days left, I think it has definitely been damaged by the clash between the KS campaign and the release of Diablo 3. It's all people are talking about right now, it's one of the biggest games ever with a huge following all across the globe, and it is a direct competitor in the same genre.
I completely agree. I don't think any other game presentation has been as comprehensive as Crate's. It kills me to see the total so (relatively) low.

That said we do look like going past the goal by a bit, a long way past would be nice.

Originally Posted by medierra View Post
Now it looks like it is just a matter of how far beyond the minimal goal we'll go, so that's at least a bit of a relief.
I was sooooo looking forward to what you would post as a reach goal if this took off...

1mill - Mac port and more content.

2mill - Lots more content and killer bunnies!

5mill - Gold plated walking gun turret "pet" for everyone!

10mill - Grim Dawn The Musical!! Uh I mean Grim Dawn the MMO!!
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... wait is that awesome? ok, how about - its like you're drunk and a grizzly bear is punching you but... no wait... its like you're drunk, you punch a grizzly bear in the face but the bear is also drunk, so it just explodes into gibs."

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Oh yes, Grim Dawn on Broadway. It is only a matter of time.
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Originally Posted by Milewide View Post
Oh yes, Grim Dawn on Broadway. It is only a matter of time.
We should start small though. Grim Dawn in the Park, Grim Dawn flashmobs,...

I feel like 280K is just teasing us all today. Seems like HOURS that its been sitting in the 259K range and if this is anything like what happened yesterday I'll get up tomorrow and cheer for it having hit 265K!
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I think that if pledges keep coming in at a rate of about 2,000 a day, Crate will comfortably get the funding it needs with some time to spare.

Yesterday (by 12 midnight) I was hoping that the number would hit about 260k, and it was able to reach 261k. And just now 2:35 ET it's at 262k. So obviously that's a good sign. At a rate of 2k a day we will hit the goal with 4 days to spare.
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I don't think theres a question anymore if we're gonna reach the goal. It would be nice to get some more $ for the game developement though. I think that GM will manage to get around 300K by the end of kickstarter.
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Im am not condifdent we will reach the goal, but I would have liked it if if it had reached the goal sooner and allowed for more money on top

maybe a few people wil twitter accounts could tweet totalbiscuit https://twitter.com/#!/totalbiscuit

maybe if he did a feature on this game, maybe that will raise awareness, I hav e tweeted him, so maybe if a few others do, he may prompt him to do a feature on HD and get more people to fund the game

no harm in trying, we could really use his help right about now
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Short answer: Yes.
Long answer: Absolutely.

(I always wanted to do this)

Anyway I think with only 14.500$ and 13 days left it can be positive about reaching the goal. I would be very surprised if it didn't.
I think medierra said that the funding usually peak at the start and at the end of the kickstarter-period so the actualy question is how much they will make.
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