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Default Scrapbook

Hi! A week ago I was playing Lilith mod for TQ and there were parts where I was scribing some notes in a .txt on my PC, like places to come back, sidequest that I skipped, things to do after I finish something, etc.

It would be nice if the game had a page for us to write things instead of going to external programs or even a real paper.

I think this idea is very simple to implement and at the same time, very helpful. (like the clock in TQ)

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Hm, sounds more like a thing for hardcore rpgs aka Baldur's Gate to me...or maybe it just reveals flaws in Lilith's quest description/system (no offense to the maker)?

I think if the quests in GD are made correctly, which I believe they are, you would not need it.

It might not be that simple as you think, they would have to make some art for the book, a saving system that would work all the time user presses the save note button, etc. This would also result in more "unnecessary" work/money spent, delaying other more important aspects of the game.

Sounds good, do not get me wrong, but I am not sure if it was good for GD..
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i like it better without an absurd amount of backtracking. it just kills me running from plains of judgement to complete the quest of the Inside source. thus no need of a scrapbook imo. but the clock, just awesome!
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