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Time to have faith during the home stretch. It's awesome how much the community has been doing to make the successor to a niche (but beloved) title more of a gamer household name.

To be honest, I think the KS run has done incredibly well, considering the juggernauts it's gone against. The DFA, WL2 and Shadowrun teams have a ton of game titles on their CV's and a huge base for contribution dollars. They have a lot of nostalgia factor too, being that some of those titles are older and during the players' formative years.

TQ is a bit newer and a lone title, but when GD makes it, hopefully it will be the first of a series of productions that makes crate some bank.
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Great info to allocate where the income came from, you could possibly stress more on those. the last phase is the most difficult phase.
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Originally Posted by medierra View Post

I thought this would be interesting to share.
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