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Default Promoting Grim Dawn

If you go and talk to the admins on http://diablo.incgamers.com/ and tell them about what you are doing with Grim Dawn perhaps they can give you some face time on their site. They get alot of traffic there and it would be nothing but a good thing for Crate. They even post Path of Exile and Torchlight news on their site from time to time. Lets do this!
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I was thinking about that yesterday but I forgot to post it. Its agood thing you did hahaha, there are alot of people that frequent that site and I can't see why this wouldn't work. Its worth a shot at least.
You are now looking at a new owner of the Hoarders Edition for $250. :-)

We are that much closer now.
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I think we should do it.
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D3 will be released in 13 days, and the "Darkness Falls" marketing campaign is ongoing. There will be a lot of "noise" in the Diablo community, but maybe Flux would mention GD's KS campaign between Blizzard announcements? According to DiabloWiki, his email is flux[at]incgamers[dot]com.
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