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Default Grim Dawn [is definitely not] going indiegogo?

I just found this and i wont donate until i know its legit! I found it strange because of the kickstarter still going on. So anyone know, fake or whats the deal?

So i have to have 3 posts to post a link so just go to the indiegogo site and look for Grim Dawnand you should find it!

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I don't think LINK REMOVED is legit.
Andrew Hollyfield =/ Medierra
Plus I don't care about palestinian children.

I sent a mail to Indigogo, Medierra or Rhis should send one too.Edit: I have a suggestion, create a quest where Andrew Hollyfield is a charlatan and defrauded multiple people in DC.

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This is a scam. We're aware of it and they have been contacted. No need to link it.

Good catch Whyman!
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Originally Posted by varsovie View Post
Plus I don't care about palestinian children.
Well, I cared enough to send the real United Palestinian Appeal the link so they would know he's ripping them off as well... they seem like the kind of group that would have lawyers that would like to know about this...
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