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Originally Posted by medierra View Post
So, all things considered, I think we're doing rather well. It at least demonstrates that our success doesn't just hinge on luck and opportune timing. I think the best course right now, is to continue trying to get more attention and that is what we're focused on.
I'm becoming convinced that it has nothing to do with how you set up the KS project, which in my opinion is one of the best out there anyway, or a lack of throwing around big names out of gaming history. This is all about how people are incapable of seeing beyond their blinkered view. Personally I'm hugely disappointed in the lack of reaction from (so called) ARPG fans on the GD KS project. Which is amazing as this GD community is doing such hard and great work of promoting this where ever possible. But even when there is discussion of negative elements from current or upcoming ARPGs, and someone kindly points out on how GD improves or doesn't even have those features, it just gets completely ignored. It is like those people are not even able to see, or comprehend, anything to do with GD. Which just makes me feel like a certain kid who sees Bruce Willis at the most awkward moments...

It looks like that in this day and age a lot of people need to be force fed a broader horizon, need to be hand holded when looking for something new, or (even worse) need the opinion of someone else to copy and believe to be their own. So yes, the only thing you (and we) can do at the moment is to keep up stream of information, get as many of the bigger sites to mention GD, and hope that the initial goal is met sooner rather than later as that will also generate a lot of attention.

Frankly I find the current amount of backers to be atrocious and an insult to you guys at Crate. And if this doesn't at least double (10k+) by the end of the project, it would feel like a serious disappointment to me.

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