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Once we bring on more people, we'll also have more progress to update you and more time for making the updates.
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Originally Posted by Keyrock View Post
So it seems that the pledging has picked up since the update sound development video was put up. Hmmmmmm...

New plan! A new update video every day... Wait, that would inhibit the devs from working on the game... Alright, new plan #2! We clone the devs. The clones can make update videos every day while the originals work on the game, or vice versa. Then when the Kickstarter is over both the originals and the clones can work on the game doubling productivity! I am a genius!
<< - Stolen from Kick starter thread.

Apparently KeyRock has a cloning plan for you guys
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NZ, thank you for that pic hehe
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that looks to be one mean pussy

dont want to mess with that cat
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