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Originally Posted by Gibly View Post
time to stream and upload our builds now that everyone can theorycraft themselves :P
that could be interesting
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I'm quite happy it was priced closer to the upper limit, I beieve the guys deserved every penny and a bunch more. Instant buy, of course.
My now-wife is moving in around those dates, tough prioritization to make

The gameplay part of the trailer looks great, what are those ice projectile things? Bosses looked great as well.

Waiting for GrimTool update so I could theorycraft again.

What's about that engine upgrades? Something for XBone(c), or simple PC users will get some improvements as well?
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The new area's from the expansion are looking seriously good.
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Originally Posted by Stg View Post
Question: You say it's included in the Loyalist edition available on the website, but is it also included if you buy the Steam Loyalist Upgrade (DLC)?
From the Steam Loyalist Upgrade store page:

note that this is an upgrade and so it is priced significantly less than the website Loyalist, since it is only an add-on and does not include the game, future expansion, soundtrack or other materials.
Digital Collector's Edition + Expansion

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Bosses now look boss-like :aws: Nice! At least we see something starlight breacker worthy :uuu:
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Originally Posted by Dikkiedik View Post
that's the spirit

just a heads up, if you are low on money but still want the xpack,
hop on to a stream of mine when the expansion is going to be released,
I am planning to do a give away (buying around 5 copies) :)
hehe I appreciate that but I think someone else might need the xpac for free more than me, I can get it by myself with some arrangements, don't worry! and thanks again for being awesome!
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Originally Posted by PrinceXavieR View Post
whew..really sweet trailer, they nailed the atmosphere.. now I can sleep .. just wake me up when it's october
they really did, didn't they. the bog probably beats any environment in an arpg in atmosphere and mystery. i mean holy shit, i've played d3 and that pales in environmental design and art. i feel like a child again expecting an awesome game that i just know will be good.
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Oops, how did these sneak in here? They sure look cool. Wonder what they are…
I don't see the pictures.. or whatever sneaked in

Yes, 19 bucks is pretty big money over here (in Azerbaijan) and I don't work - i 'm disabled on pension but still would be happy to support the devs for their great work.

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I can't find words... Looks awesome!
Nice work, as usual!
Looking forward to play the sh-- out of it!
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Images should hopefully be good now.

I think they died when the entire internet was spamming F5 at the same time.
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