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Hmm, glad to have read all of your thoughts and input on this game - I'll have to keep an eye out and try to snag it when I have the time and money!
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I beat the game tonight after putting in about 60 hours. I skipped the VAST majority of the side quests including one very large "side mission" that consists of a lot of collecting/fetching side quests. I also did not unlock any of the additional skill trees that are available to the characters (there are 2 additional trees per character in your group). I primarily focused only on the story and the game still took that long to defeat. It is very easy to see how people spent twice that much time or longer in one playthrough.

It is very hard to sum up a game the size of Xenoblade. I will say that the final 10 hours were some of my least favorite. My characters had maxed all of their skills and there is some repetition in environments and also a bit of grinding if you want to fight the bosses and stand a chance. Up until that point I had been able to get by on just progressing through the story and killing enemies that crossed my path normally without having to spawn more enemies to fight (usually by zoning out and then back in).

Despite the shortcomings of some of the final hours, I will say that the story of Xenoblade is fantastically different than anything I've played in recent years. There is a bit too much emotional dialog between some of the characters that I could have done without, but for the most part the story as told through cutscenes and adventuring is outstanding. In some cases, some of these cutscenes continued for up to 10 minutes and I just laid my controller down. The game ties up all of the loose ends nicely and you really start to understand what has been going on behind the scenes the whole time.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.
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