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Originally Posted by goro3d View Post
Like I said I'm broke and all my money is tied up otherwise I would purchase the $32.00 version of the game!
Nothing wrong with not having funds. As long as we get the word out that will certainly help the kickstarter as well.
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Sorry about my reply it came off kinda rude but I'm spreading the word but a lot of my friends are tight on funds too but hey you never know they might help as well.
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Yes, as mentioned earlier the game is going to be released regardless of the success of the Kickstarter project. The content development may just be slower, given that the money raised (according the the KS video) is going towards hiring more full time members onto their team.

Hopefully it does get on steam, after all, its a great platform that has helped a great deal of indie games break into the bigger market.
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well the KS funds we will or should see a faster release, but the game will happen regardless if KS is successful or not

I hope it is, its going to be awesome, really looking forward to it

so hi from me and welcome
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