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Originally Posted by PatMan33 View Post
Just curious.

What if we've already donated to the project? How does that factor in with the Kickstarter versus the donations that some of us have already made? Because I'll gladly donate again, just curious at how this all pans out.
We're going to work something out so that existing key-holders can get credit toward higher pledges. It is going to be messy, no doubt but, if the project is successful, it will be worth the extra work of processing upgrades.
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Hell I will fund a kickstarter Grim Dawn!
Originally Posted by medierra View Post
After Void(null) left there was basically no point anymore...
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same here, don't mind if I am credited if I pledge higher tiers or buy a higher tier at full price, as long as I supposr GD Im not too fussy
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Co-op Digital Deluxe Bundle supporter I hope GD is a success
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I feel like I am honing in on a final product but even when I'm finished, I feel like there will still be so much left unsaid.
I know that feeling. It means you are genuinely interested in what you are doing which means the result will be great. Don't end up like George Lucas, or we will never seen the final product.

Actually, that reminds me, one of the pledge rewards I've been thinking about is a book to tell the story of Crate Entertainment and cover the development of Grim Dawn.
As a beta tester of several games, that sounds like a interesting read.
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Medierra, just be honest. That's the biggest thing. Flashiness is fine, but when it comes right down to it the most successful kickstarters i've seen have been the ones where the people behind the projects have been honest and who obviously have a passion for the thing they're working on, be it film or computer games or board games or what have you. Heck, there's even one for a tabletop mini game that lets you create your own mini mechs out of lego.

Word of mouth is your greatest ally. I'm going to pester my friends about this. We've already got a thread about it over on the Runic Games forums (In fact, tho I can't speak for the RG devs, I wouldn't be surprised to see some of em kicking in-I'm starting to see more and more game companies and indie devs especially sticking together and supporting each other, instead of looking at each other as 'competition' and it's so awesome).

Soon as your kickstarter is up, i'm all aboard.
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...Anyways Bruno you make that book and I'll will probably pledge whatever dollar amount that requires to get. In fact take my credit card now and have your way with it.

Oppa is Gangnam style!

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Default The video

Maybe something like the Braveheart speech...

Aye, contribute and it will cost.
Leave, and you'll have more money... at least a while.
And sitting bored at your pc, many months from now,
would you be willing to trade a few of those dollars,
and the interest they earned,
for one chance,
just one chance,
to come back here and tell the developers
that they may take our money,
but they'll never take, our GRIM DAWN!!!

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A few suggestions for the video:

1. Don't complain about the trouble you've had making the game. I know you've had a hell of a time, but it really put me off in the Wasteland 2 video, it just seemed so bitter.

2. Focus on what you do best. Double Fine's video was great because Schafer's a really funny guy. Don't worry about being funny if that's not your strongest point, focus on your strengths and frame the video around them. It also doesn't need to be live-action. You've got game footage, you should use it.

3. I really dig inXile's "Kicking It Forward" thing, seems like a good way to build extra good will.
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If I was visiting a kickstarter page with the intention of working out whether I wanted to pledge or not, some positives for me would be a gameplay video to get a tangible idea of what I'm supporting, and a sense of my money being put to good use - that there's a definite advantage for these guys to reach that next tier instead of "well we already have enough money really, but more would be nice".
Praise the sun!
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Originally Posted by medierra View Post
We're going to work something out so that existing key-holders can get credit toward higher pledges. It is going to be messy, no doubt but, if the project is successful, it will be worth the extra work of processing upgrades.
Cool beans!

Heck, I'll probably just pledge up to the next level if you do that. Really looking forward to the final result!!

No pressure.
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