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Epic music from gladiator movie turns crap into masterpiece Put that on the background and you are set haha
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I want a copy of the book, and anything else you guys might post up as prizes.
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When I saw the thread title, this was what first came to mind.

Have you thought up any aspects to commit to if you manage to rake in certain amounts? 2-Handed weapons at x00k? Just sayin.

I wish you good luck! Looking forward to checking out the video, even (especially?) if it's not a AAA production.
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When are you thinking of starting this medierra - please say later next month I have so little money now for another 2 Kickstarter projects I'm eye balling
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We want to see all the Crate Lords on film!!!!
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Once again a subliminal message :
Please print the game and its soundtrack on a real-life physical material, so I can back $150 for your project !

And its underlying idea :
Please give us the official soundtracks - it was really difficult to hack those from Titan Quest, but it's so good to hear them on the train.
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Just curious.

What if we've already donated to the project? How does that factor in with the Kickstarter versus the donations that some of us have already made? Because I'll gladly donate again, just curious at how this all pans out.
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Aside from myself, I actually do know at least one person that would be very interested in a book about Crate/Iron Lore and how Grim Dawn came about.

Originally Posted by PatMan33 View Post
Just curious.

What if we've already donated to the project? How does that factor in with the Kickstarter versus the donations that some of us have already made? Because I'll gladly donate again, just curious at how this all pans out.
I hope you'll get a reply from one of the developers, but I would assume that they will make rewards transferrable (i.e. they give you a game/alpha/beta key and you can apply it to your own account or send it to someone else). Of course, that's just my silly assumption, I could be completely wrong.
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I think maybe you could watch other Kickstarter project films, only the successful ones. Double Fine's Adventure or Wasteland 2. And then judge then for what they are, do a script, be creative, funny, whatever goes on your mind. Just be sure to make a dynamic movie that keeps people's attention.
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The video we've been working on has a funny intro and I don't think we come across as awkward. I'm used to having to get up and present things in front of people, so doing it on camera is kind of relaxing. I can't vouch for the quality of the video as we're not experienced film-makers and didn't want to have to pay for a professional production company using your pre-order money. ; )

So, it definitely won't be Double Fine quality and probably not Wasteland quality either, which also seemed professionally filmed or at least done by someone with better equipment and more experience than us. I think it get's the job done though in terms of entertaining and informing.

The one thing we didn't want to do is just turn on a camera and start talking at people about the game. We know you guys like to be entertained while information is being secretly conveyed to your subconscious.
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